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RIght. So as the bots scrape pages, they are latching on to text divs at the tops of pages. and pulling in weather bugs and menu bars. Grr.

Happy 2019 everyone. Image cropping in Blox is still time-consuming, awkward and inaccurate.

I hope you're right. I'd like to start using the 'fortnight' symbol.

Thanks for the reply. I also second (forth) OP Mary Shepard's description of the value of being able to edit all notification emails for outreach and engagement. Those are users that have just completed the task of signing up and completing a transaction of some kind. It feels almost negligent to just pass them sterile one-note communication.


Our customers have requested an easy way to extend an upsold calendar listing from the expiration email. Anyone know if there is a way to edit (add a button to) that notice?

Yes! Any progress?

I hereby formally enter a feature request!

Facial detection sound nice, but it would not prevent the awkward cropping of text within an image. See example here:

I could set my own crop in the image asset, but then I might ruin how the image is working on other parts of the site. See example 2:

I think the squarespace solution is better, because it would allow a human to point to the most critical point of the image. and Blox could would protect that point when cropping. If no critical point is designated then crop to the center as it is now, I believe.

Let me know what you think.



There must also be a way to search for GeoLocation tag in blox back-end. Does the same search parameter "?g=east" work typed into the back-end calendar search? I can't figure it out.

We reverse publish to several different regional papers and we use the GeoLocation tag to group events by region.

I also am having trouble providing accurate guidance to our editors and authors with regards to thumbnails and image ratios.

There is an elegant feature in the Squarespace CMS that allows you to set a critical center point of any image (usually the center of a face on a portrait or mugshot. See example below)

This point will be used as the center on any deployed ratio without need for special cropping. The problem with Blox's method of setting a preview crop is that I never want to use just one ratio. I use the 16:9 for our HomePage Top Story, 4:3 for our HomPage Featured Stories, and 1:1 for Homepage Mobile Featured.

This feature is very intuitive (users simply select the part of the image that they most want to preserve.) And, it reduces the risk of "overcropping" mentioned above, that causes Blox to stretch images creating those giant blury thumbnails.

Note: I'm a relatively new blox Flex user at the Ithaca Times in Ithaca, NY.


Marshall Hopkins