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Eva from TownNews did indicate to me that along with an AP will also need an "Importer" setup.  This should not be confused with "Jobs".

Further Reading:  How Do I Create an Importer To Automatically Pull in Syndicated Content?

I see, that makes sense that this method is used to keep track.  I'll make a ticket.  

I am working on getting my AP Webfeed credentials.  

Thank You.

Man, you guys always have the answers.  Thanks.  I would never have looked there. 

Thanks for touching base earlier.  I wanted to share an email I've received from a customer..since you guys did all the hard work.

  • "Just to let you know; I really like the new format of the E-edition online!"
    -Russell K.  

You're right, after I read your reply, I realized a while back I did remove the Blox top banner and created my own below the navigation bar.  I will look into cleaning it up.  Thank You.  

Hello. I upload VIA FTP, and then use the Asset Manager to assign a date and publication name.  

Then only only the first page shows up..

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  If I am doing this wrong, or need to open a new thread or ticket, feel free to let me know.  

I should have done more testing.  This all started when I shared a story on Facebook for iOS.  The link opens in a facebook browser and the article still asks you to sign in.  If I open the article in Safari, it is does bypass the paywall fine.  For some reason the "facebook browser" does not bypass the paywall.  [the image attached is what it looks like when you open the link from facebook].  Its ok, I don't really car anymore; I was just trying to share a story relevant to a friend.  I thought maybe mobile_adv needed a special custom property.  I'm satisfied with the answers.