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FYI, the impression is still happening. Hope this is resolved ASAP. It makes it very hard to make sure our customers are getting what they are paying for.
We using them to pull content onto "community" page so if people want to see stories just from their town they can get that easily:

Your code looks like what I've been testing on our site. If you take out the style= part with the width and the height that seemed to work for me. I'm still doing some testing, but it appeared to work.
I think I figured out how to set the report to pull specific dates, but is there a way to have that automatically get emailed when the campaign or ad stop running?
Since Double Click is a Google product it learns the history of the site over several months and can deliver at least "historical" estimations of impressions remaining.

One issues I've had while helping our sister paper that uses it with their BLOX site is that there are issues in tracking when you try to section target currently. But the ROS positions seem to be working fine.

This is one of the biggest shortcomings I see and have with the BLOX advertising admin as we use it.