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If I could like this post 700 times I would. Publishers need to be able to customize those messages to match their corporate voice.

Me too. Current Google analytics stats show us with between 6 -11% of our traffic using adblockers. I would like to utilize this feature to invite the reader to white list us. Maybe even link them to a landing page with greater explanation. Or to our membership page. 

But there's no documentation I can locate.  

I am checking on the private browsing part. The problem is weird and since I cannot recreate it on my iPhone, I bet you are right. 

I'll advise.

Right. Remember, the idea here is to set up an ad with a list of keywords that would prevent it from appearing if those keywords are there.

It prevents the awkward look when a Chase Bank's display ad pops up inside an article announcing Huntington Bank's expansion.

That's what I am driving at.

Was going to add this as a new topic, but found it in search. Last comment on this was two years ago.

What is the timeline to add coupon codes?

Absolutely. We go one further, and have a bonus system in place that also relies on this data. Completely agree.

The "Authors Most Popular" report kind of helps, but it does not dive deep enough.