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Thanks for the help! And for the feature update.

Testing bears out what you say about limiting parameters to ?l=25&f=html on queries: The highest-priority (i.e., weighted) event shows up at the top of the search results, irrespective of its start date. That's exactly what we're after.

But I'm struggling to figure out what I need to modify to get calendar searches to run those limited parameters by default — i.e., is this something that can/must be changed on a per-block basis, or is it on the template level? It seems that irrespective of the value of the Calendar URL field in the Calendar | Calendar: Featured Search block I've been using to test, search results are still returned with &unrolled=1 and &d1=yyyy-mm-dd&d2=&fl=&s=start_time&sd=asc appended to the parameters.

I also discovered an interesting quirk here which you may be able to offer insight on: I dropped the block Footer | Site Search on the test calendar page I'm working off of to see what would happen if I ran searches from that (so there are now two search forms on that page, Site Search and Calendar: Featured Search). By default (i.e., upon checking settings after placing the block), the Search URL option was checked and its value set to /calendar/search in the Site Search block settings.

If I run searches on my test string (museum) from this block, I get "Your search did not yield any results." But if I then re-run the search using the search form on that search-results page, the results display as I'd like them to, with the weighted result on top — despite the query also containing a bunch of other parameters (?l=25&f=html&unrolled=1&q=museum&d1=2018-01-17&d2=&fl=&s=start_time&sd=desc). At least, for that one specific string. The results were not reproducible with other test strings that should have functioned the same.

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Hi Maureen,

Just wanted to follow up to say it's working and perfectly. Thanks again!



I do not see any way to create a custom block under Design / Templates. I can view what's there and export, but not create or import. After consulting the KB, I assume this is because I do not have template access. I just want to confirm this is the case before proceeding with requesting it.



Thank you! The first solution is simple enough, but I'll follow up if I run into trouble creating the custom block. Thanks again.