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Possibly in other sports lists in the sports section too, I'll have to ask...
Actually, yes! It was showing up in our new high-school sports/prepzone/hs_sports_xtra sections.
We pushed the content to Blox with (Falcon) via FTP last evening. We could confirm when it was sent last night, the start date was Aug 21, 11:00 pm. This morning it was live on our site, caught by our sports editor.

So yes, the start date had not been reached and the content was indeed showing.

We simply disabled all the stories to prevent them from showing live.
Great to hear, thanks Christine!
I love the batch upload into a story idea. Which makes me think; is there a possibility of simplifying the process of adding single image asset to a story? Its always seemed like a lot of steps just to upload an image - by creating a new image asset, choosing the upload choice between desktop and Dropbox (we don't use) saving that image into the asset, etc... eventually returning to your article...could there be a way to bypass those steps and automagically create an image asset in one step? Anyone with me?