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One thing that you can try that will work in the interim (until TownNews takes this on) is to create a section and compatible url for these photos. Then, go to the url customization for that specific url, and turn off photo sales. Any photo with that section tag won't show a buy button. You can test this at your organization, but I'm pretty sure that it will work.

Or you can create a user group (admins) of approved users and give them only access to submit calendar items. I believe these can be auto-approved, which would fit your purpose. Maybe some one from Blox can chime in and verify this.

We are doing something similar because of a bunch of our users are getting flagged as spam. It seems to be working OK so far.

We would definitely be interested. Can you offer any examples of the previous Elections deal that you mentioned. We weren't with TownNews then.



I agree. We have several blocks that would work wonders with scheduling.

Thanks Patrick. That's encouraging.

Kevin, thanks. I did see that, but unfortunately, we have a metered paywall and not a hard paywall.

I think it's good the developers removed the delay, but TownNews definitely needs to address the 'Outline' issue and others similar to it.

I asked a similar question and received a similar answer. 

The batch edit option is good for a lot of stuff. But we require each of our photos to be named separately, for example .... mainslug_01, mainslug_02, etc. So we can batch edit, and give the photos the main slug, but it still requires opening each photo and adding to the slug. It would be nice if TownNews just figures out a way not strip the slugs on import.