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We've done this on our new Flex templates... they used HTML5 and CSS3 for transitions and position changes. Even if you have two Flash ad parts (small preview and large expanded ad) we use HTML5 instead of Flash to transition them.

It's unlikely we'll make this change on the existing Zen templates due to potential problems with could cause with existing sites.

But, like I said, it is in the Flex system.
Hey Kevin, Can you please open a ticket about the first issue as well? That can be changed to reflect the title if it is not now. If I am understanding you correctly. Thanks! :)
Hey Tim, Remember that your BLOX site is actually which comes back as secure from that same service:

Also, I checked many other sites using that service (no idea if it is a legit detector, but regardless...) and they all report secure.

Hey LuAnn! Did this work? Let me know. =)
Hi Patrick! Let me look into this for you.
Hi LuAnn! A few ideas to look at:

- Check to make sure the start date on the poll has passed. (Items whose start dates have not been met will not show online.)

- Check to make sure the "do not publish" checkbox (under the other tab) is not selected.

- Make sure it's in the right section.

If none of these options help, our Customer Service department can help. Call 800-293-9576 or submit a support request via our online ticketing system.

Thanks! =)

Hello Casanova!

We actually just finished a huge project to switch over to a new weather system which provides much better support for regional alerts and notifications.

If you're interested, I'd love to have a phone call with you to go over what we have and get your feedback, in advance of our roll out. 

Please email me at and we can set up a time. =)