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Thanks, I'll have to try that out. Thanks for the offer to assist.

Thanks, I may not have noticed the "Export" button. Although for customers using both Total CMS and Blox, I think it would be neat to have a way to push a submitted calendar item back to TCMS.

I hope I didn't come across as not liking the calendar tools, I do, it has just been difficult to get sales to push the product when those folks have so much other stuff to try and sell already.

Ours is relatively well used, but we haven't had but one person use the up-charge option to promote an event (in a bit under a year). We had a calendar on another CMS for a long time, so I think our readers were used to using us as a service. We do spend the space to have a little month calendar on each page with a blox asking folks to submit events, maybe that helps?

A few thoughts I have had on this subject:

* It would be really neat to have a way to roundtrip events between web to print. If editors could easily dump print events into the CMS, and then get dumps from the CMS for print, that could help jump-start things and potentially lower the number of emails and faxes for events for the print side. Admittedly, I'm not sure what a UI would look like for this. The current way to add an event through the CMS is probably too cumbersome to work for an editorial staff.

* Getting the sales team on board to help promote the up-charge aspects of the calendar. Perhaps by giving some away for special customers or as part of packages. Understandably, most sales teams have a lot of stuff to sell these days and it can be hard to get them excited about something that doesn't really add to their commissions.

Thanks, this is starting to come together for me now. :-)

Yes, thanks, that is interesting. So I don't have to have the podcasts under search, as long as the url page has the search skin? And then the audio assets are just assigned to the section tag of /community/podcasts_and_audio?

It would also be nice in general to be able to have some white space between the edge of the page and the edge of the browser window. We've recently moved to a print workflow where our document pages no longer have margins, so the non-live e-Editions have print right up to the edge of the browser window, which depending on the reader's screen can make reading difficult.

Looks good so far, it would be nice to be able to filter automatic notifies by author (so we could automatically avoid auto pushing non-staff pieces) and by priority (so we could both control position on the site and what goes to social media in one action). And maybe a way to control by time, so that we could push X hours after the start time (for those who have a daily release schedule).

Am I right to assume that the date/time in the manual notifier control for an article controls when the article will be pushed?