Your comments

Ha Ha Ha I wish that were the case. We have to send out a list of the denied comments with the parts that make them a violation. It's partly our fault because we let so much go for so long.

It would also be nice when you deny a comment, it will send an email back to the commenter automatically and tell them the reason you've denied the comment.

Right now we are having to send the "we've denied your comment" email manually and this takes FOIREVER!

I would agree the majority of it is a tablet thing. We've put our eEdition into our app so we can eliminate one app. I will also say though, some of it is the not having to go back and forth while watching videos. With bigger phones, people are turning them sideways more often. 
Other NOW App requests. Being able to look at the app in landscape mode.

How are you banning them. Maybe we are doing it a different way. We go to their user account and ban them.