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Might've figured out part of the issue here.

First off, support informed me that part of the problem might be - only notifications that you DON'T click on will go on to live in that feed. That didn't solve the issue for me, but might be useful info later.

also - support had me sign up for notifications on this test site:

When they pushed one, it didn't come through the way my successful tests have, which has been as an external dialog box from the browser (with the browser logo on the left). The notification I got from the test site was just a white box INSIDE the browser window. That notification did go on to live in the Notifications panel... so it seems like there may be some discrepancy between their set-up / test page and how I set up mine. They're looking into it now.

Hmmm... No, but it is an improvement at least. We are also trying to create a comments ( ) page, and there's not much to work with. Any idea how I'd go about gaining access to your "tncms-block-508900"? 

I like the " Threads / Messages / Most Commented " tab layout. I do think the wording is a little confusing though, I'd probably change them (if I could) to:

Threads - "Comments", 

Messages - "Threads"

Most Commented - "Popular"  

Thanks Kevin!

And looks like in Safari the Notifier button just doesn't show up at all.

Hmm, yeah I just re-read that and it is basically the same bug, but I'm using chrome on a mac and I'm not seeing anything like what you've got. 

Figured I'd just tag onto this thread before posting a separate one -- 

I'm not getting anything in the "Notifications" tab of the Notifier slide-in. I've successfully tested push notifications, but they don't seem to accumulate here. I can't find anything about this tab in BLOX Help either.

Any ideas?

Thanks for pioneering this for us all, Robert. I was getting frustrated with "the caller does not have permission" and suddenly remembered this thread. You rule!

Kevin, here's what we have currently:

(and here's a redesign I've been playing around with: )

I would say out of all features in Blox, we've had the most overall / organic success with the Calendar, but it definitely took some time to establish. A little over a year ago we barely had five listings for a given week. I started having an intern scour local music and arts venues for two hours a day, and also edit/improve imported listings via the Jobs function from a local Arts Council calendar (a little tip with that, make sure your imported listings are .ics files and not .ical files - avoids a huge headache with fields not matching). After a few weeks, we saw a dramatic increase in user submitted events. Eventually I had my intern focus more on approving /editing submitted listings and photos (users still can't section tag their event themselves, it will be tagged to just "/calendar" by default and you'll have to assign it to calendar/music" etc. if you want). Once we started getting some Featured Event upsells rolling in and displayed on the homepage, that increased user awareness of the calendar section even further. You can set the pricing options for that however you want, charging by day or week or whatever.

Currently, I spend about half an hour each morning approving listings (you won't want auto-publish on until TN figures out how to combat SEO spammers a little better) and the upsells pretty much run themselves, once the listings are approved. I still have some improvement requests here and there, but they're mostly minor things. Definitely nothing frustrating enough to start looking into third-party options, in my opinion.

Hope this helps!

Following this thread as I'm running into all of the same issues / conversations with my boss. It is to the point where I'm completely split between Notifier / Followed Notifications as far as functionality benefits, but if both apparently lack branding options then I suppose I may just want to wait for the release of this Site Branding panel. Any estimate when that will come out?

Yeah, that's my issue too, Kevin. We don't put our articles behind a paywall at all, just our members-only content. And "joining the conversation" is one of the main selling points of our membership, so ideally non-subscribers would see the conversation but couldn't participate.

Good point. 

I think we'd just chalk it up as a loss if that ever happened. At least in this case they wouldn't be able to just make another account to comment with after being banned I guess.