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Kevin, I've asked for exactly this recently! Any updates? 

Any development on this? We run a lot of contests for free tickets and currently I have to make a form AND an article for each one, because when I share the contests on social media I want a good preview image, not just our og image / logo to appear. : /

I agree. We are about to launch two new newsletters soon and it would be great if signing up for them wasn't a two-step process, especially for people who are already subscribed to other newsletters.

Whoa! This would be incredible. I'm actually in the process of building out a "Membership" system through Subscriptions and I want to have a Members Only newsletter. But I did have the thought that this would become absolutely impossible to manage manually... Any plans or ideas for this?!

The linked ads for page takeovers would be helpful. 

I agree. It'd be much easier to scroll down to your desired time if you didn't have to scroll past literally every minute in an hour. While you can type the time in currently, that proves to be finicky if not done right. 

This would be an awesome feature. 

I like the five star system. I understand it could spin negatively for a given event / business, but maybe there could be a "rating-reset" feature that costs a few bucks? Kind of like how Yelp lets restaurants remove bad reviews, it just costs them some money? Allowing users to search / sort by "ranking" would make the business directory and calendar (even editorial) feel much more intuitive from their perspective. Plus, that's pretty much how every other searchable directory works... I know this thread is five years old but even Facebook has a 5.0 rating system now. 

I've wondered if the code for the "emoji" system in editorial assets could be repurposed for this? 

Any developments with this? It would save me an incredible amount of time.