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Yeah, that's my issue too, Kevin. We don't put our articles behind a paywall at all, just our members-only content. And "joining the conversation" is one of the main selling points of our membership, so ideally non-subscribers would see the conversation but couldn't participate.

Good point. 

I think we'd just chalk it up as a loss if that ever happened. At least in this case they wouldn't be able to just make another account to comment with after being banned I guess. 

Ugh, yeah, I figured as much. Luckily the "homepage" field of user profiles is being removed soon.

Not sure how to go about preventing calendar spammers still though. 

" it seems to use the title of the article as the alt text for each image, regardless of whether the image has a caption underneath"

I could see that actually being a really bad thing, as I believe those accessibility checkers ding points for things that have to get read/repeated unnecessarily. Imagine using a reader on a page and it randomly blurts the headline again all throughout the article, for every photo. 

Oh dang, sorry about that I was totally wrong. I was thinking of the Utility: Image file block. That's the only place I've seen it that I can recall.

There's an alt text field with banner ads, but that's the only place I've seen it. 

We actually have an editor who is visually impaired who brings this stuff up a lot. Didn't know about those ADA lawsuits though, holy crap.

Make sure you're caching your browser after making changes like that, or else it will definitely take hours to show up.

Easiest way is to add "/?1234" at the end of the URL. So a slash, a question mark and then any random numbers or letters.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Rick!

We recently made a big shift in our organization to rely on Membership (i.e. Subscription) rather than Advertising for revenue. Any little improvements in the purchase workflow for us is good news! : )

Following this, because it would explain a lot of weird stuff that has happened to us.