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Hey Aidian,

Thanks for the heads up, we would have loved to stay in the Blox arena, but some items seem very limited.

We got around all the headaches by just building a Wordpress site. I set up a Cpanel host and dropped in a default store theme and started the build.

  1. I used WooCommerce as our Store Engine to apply the standard shopping experience for users.
  2. We choose PrintFul as our drop shipping provider (This comes at no cost to us for the shirts)
  3. Build time was less than about 4 hours in total
  4. We still need to inject the SSL which will be on in about 72 hours.
  5. We are able to use Paypal and any other type of banking system for ease of use for users.
  6. Keep in mind this is still beta but its running pretty smooth and looks damn slick. NUVO Store >

Thanks again and I'll share your store items with the rest of our company.