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When you use the batch edit function, you can't change the headline... You can add keywords, change time, etc., but the headline is not one of the options. Still something I'd like to see.
That being said, we do use the batch upload process quite often, and it's very nice. We are now updating all this information in the file information on our photos so we do not need to individually change the name on each photo when in Blox. For my staff working outside of the office on occasion on an iPad, etc., it would be nice if changing the headline (slug) was part of the batch upload or batch edit process.

 There have been significant updates since this first ticket, including being able to batch upload directly into a ticket or story and I appreciate all of that work!

Looking forward to it!

I did.

Elizabeth, Ask Townnews to set you up an OG image. That will be the image that pulls in, instead of an advertising image or other image. We have it set up as our logo.

I have been having this issue as well.

I had previously had it and put in a ticket. I didn't get any answers on why it was happening from the customer service person and it resolved after about a week, so I closed the ticket. She didn't seem to understand what I was trying to communicate to her, imo.

I have been Facebook debugging and I have the problem most often when using HootSuite. I've noticed that if I slow down and let my page fully load that I have it less often. I did a survey of other papers in our group and the majority of them said that they have this issue frequently.

Thanks for walking me through it!
So I would do Blox_comments. /letters_to_editor and false to shut off comments on that section?
Thanks, I did not get skipped_flags to work but did get it to work another way...I'll have to check back with the block to remember how. :)
I would love to see this feature use the Byline instead of Author section. This would be especially useful to add more info for a reporter contact, etc.
Thanks, I saw your reply a while back and am now just getting back to this.
Is there a way to use it if I am not the author? Typically, the reporters do not upload the stories but content managers (myself and others) do.