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Can we somehow limit ads on short stories? It just looks REALLY bad to break a couple of sentences up like this.


This is a pet peeve of mine as well and a much-needed feature.


Yeah. It's really embarrassing because while ads are an integral part of our website I don't want people to feel like we're that desperate to serve ads. I think if there are fewer than 9 paragraphs there should only be two ads served. If there are fewer than 6 paragraphs only serve one ad. Or something like that.


Totally agree. This would be pretty easy to implement too. It could be made into a URL custom property that would set a threshold length in words or characters for an asset to get in-asset ads.

Under review

Hey guys,

I could use some help thinking this through.

So would it be enough if I just said, "Set the minimum number of paragraphs for a story to show multiple ads." If you set it to 5 paragraphs, then it would only show ONE in-story ad. Unless you had six paragraphs, then it would attempt to show all 3 ads.

Right now the default is 2. If there is only one paragraph, we show 1 ad. If there are 2 paragraphs, we show all three ads (as in Paul's screenshot).

Would that work for you?

I do want to address this - it is also a pet peeve of mine. But, I wouldn't want to change the logic on ads without a site being able to OPT into that decision (so they would know why their numbers changed).


I ended up talking myself into this as I typed it... I think it would work. I put in a feature request for this - but feel free to add ideas still! =)

I would be OK with this plan. Would there be a way to change the logic so that it could be "show ads every x paragraphs?" That way. if we set the ads at every 3 paragraphs, and had a 7 paragraph story, two ads would show, but the third would be left off? For publishers not wanting to change the logic at all, the default option could be "always show all ads."


Actually we've been discussing that. Facebook does this on Instant Articles (puts an ad every X paragraphs) and it actually increases your ad count but isn't obnoxious. I will see if we can get this in as an option.

Maybe a URL custom property under the advertising section. "Show Top Instory Ad after ___ paragraphs" and "Show Middle..." and "Show Bottom...."

Sites could set their desired settings, and if the article wasn't long enough to trigger them, the lower ads wouldn't show. You could set the custom property to zero for them to be turned on all the time.

I think the minimum number of paragraphs should be three. (This is so hard to explain in words) Have the ads at breaks of three paragraphs until it reaches 9 paragraphs. Then try to space them evenly.

3 paragraphs = 1 ad at the end

6 paragraphs = 1 ad between paragraphs 3 and 4 and 1 ad at the end

9+ paragraphs = spaced evenly(I guess how it's done currently)

I really hope this makes sense because it's taken me about 20 minutes to figure out how to even communicate this. -_-


I suppose we could customize our own templates to prevent this, but it does seem like a feature that should be baked in, perhaps as a URL custom property of some kind.

It would be presumptive of TownNews to not display the ads on a site b/c of the asset length — some papers may take offense at that. But giving us the built-in option would be good.

if I ran the zoo, I would have the positions show up in the editorial by screen as they will when they are live, and make it so we can move the ad up or down or totally delete it..


This is essentially what I'm pitching to development... a new "Infinity ad" setting. You can choose to have ads every X number of paragraphs.

- We would want them to be intelligently pre-loaded and lazy loaded (to improve viewability).

- There would be 1 ad at the end of paragraphs 1 - 3.

- Then another ad X (depending on number set) paragraphs later.

- This should also work on AMP pages!

- This should also work all story presentation modes... and any other place where in-story ads work.

The first ad will be after the 3rd paragraph. The next ad will be X number of paragraphs down the page (where X is defined by the site in a site setting).

Some examples:

X = Number of paragraphs between ads, as per setting
P = Number of paragraphs

If X = 5 & P = 2, you'll have one ad at the end of the story.

If X = 5 & P = 3, You'll have 3 paragraphs and then an ad at the end.

If X = 5 & P = 6, You'll have 3 paragraphs and then an ad, and then three more paragraphs.

If X = 5 & P = 8, You'll have 3 paragraphs and then an ad, and then 5 paragraphs and then an ad.

What do you guys think? Am I missing any logic?

It would be something you have to turn on, so all backwards compatibility would be maintained. And since you have to enable it, we could assume the new position would be filled. But, it would probably be just one ad slot (sort of like the in-gallery images).

Right now I'm thinking this is just one story slot that is rotated over and over.

That seems like it would be what we need. I think this will really enhance the look of short stories.