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Okay, I think I follow now. I thought that it would just show the automatic placement ad every x amount of paragraphs. But it's dependant on ads being in the fixed-big-ad-[top/middle/bottom]-asset locations before it works?

We were looking into having a single ad block (usually filled with an AdSense ad, but sometimes others) that would repeat every 5 or so paragraphs. I think the way I was doing it before might be the best case for us still.

"Do you have that set up as a block or an ad now?"

We created a custom ad location for In-Story Middle utility region that displays a single ad in the middle of article assets.

Sure, I just re-enabled the static image ad I have in place. I've also disabled my In-Story middle from the utility region so the only one that (ideally) should be up is the auto ad.

I've got the block id in place, even using the exact "automatic-ad-asset" name as well. I applied a static image ad to the location, and that didn't show up either.

I guess I'll go back to my custom In-Story Middle ad location for now. But I find it odd it's not loading.

Anyone have any luck with getting Google AdSense ads working with this? I've set up the block following the guide Christine linked to, but AdSense ads won't load. Looking in the code, it seems that the block doesn't load at all.

If I put a custom ad block as an in-story middle (via the utility regions), they load through that no problem.

It actually looks like your "blox-ad-position-fixed-big-ad-top-left1" has a bottom margin of 40 which is pushing everything down.

Site Templates (or Flex) -> Components -> Template -> macros ->

I think? YMMV...

Agreed. We used to do this feature all the time in wordpress. We also have our branded bitlink, so the ability to put in our oauth key to use it would be even better.

You should add in a feature request for this.

We have this enabled... but in my testing, I've never seen it work. I would like to see what it even does exactly.

I would also like to see a version history for this as well. Too many times there's changes but then you want to go back so it's trying to figure out where everything went in the first place.