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Set author on photo processed through Jobs folder?

Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 4 years ago 17

We send staff photos into TCMS through a "hot folder" that is processed as a Job on the server. We use several properties there to set the section and workflow depending on the folder used.

Is there a way to have TCMS automatically assign an author to an image through one of these functions? I found the following setting put it doesn't appear to work.

  • property_import_author: sets all imported assets to have a specific property. Example 2: property_import_author='jdoe'.

Any help is appreciated.

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If the target parser is tncms then you should be able to set the authors property to the screen name, email, or UUID of the user. This can also be comma-delimited for multiple authors to be assigned.

Thanks Patrick, I'll give this a try next week.

Did I just do a bad job of searching the documentation or is this not listed anywhere?

It's probably not listed. We plan to provide a revamped job mechanism for editorial import that will have a UI - much like we've done for classifieds. The jobs panel as it is currently built has too many hidden options and is not self-documenting.

OK thanks. Good to know I didn't miss something obvious in the documentaion.

Doesn't seem to be working. All other items in there like sections and workflows are being applied, but author is still giving me trouble.

Searching answer

The authors property I looked at in the code was a property of the incoming source - it was not an option to the parser so that was my mistake. Try setting as a filter with field name set to authors, regular expression set to /^$/ and replacement set to kevin.cox@galvnews.com.


Well, I'm not sure why it's not working. It's possible there is something else preventing this from working - so at this point I'm going to file a change request to add an explicit option to the tncms parser to set the author from an option as was asked about earlier.

Thank you Patrick. It would save our photographers time on deadline for sure.

I got excited when I saw this in the release notes for TCMS Appliance 2.23.0-9 that we installed today:

  • Auto generate byline/tagline from author information
    Byline and tagline will be automatically filled out if passed a specific user on my site (by supplying the matching email address) via a parser. When the user is a match, the byline and tagline should be automatically filled out. Currently this happens in the BLOX admin UI, but does not happen in parsers.
    For sites using a BLOX Job to export NITF files for third –party vendors, there will be additional tags in the output

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it accomplishes my request from this post. I tried with both the old Settings --> Jobs and the newly updated Editorial Settings --> Importers.

Any update here on a way to get this to work?

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Kevin, could you set an option of generate_credits with a value of true on the OLD importer. That's how it was set up to work, and it looks like that ticket started before the new importer method and was never updated. I'm going to work on getting that option added to the new importer.

Still no dice, the Photographer/Author field is still not filled in with that option enabled on our old job.

Kevin, I'm working on a fix for the "new" importer job, but the old one should be working with that option. Could you submit a ticket to customer support along with the job ID and a sample of the XML you are importing so we can have dev take a look. 2.24 is going into beta this week, and we've already started 2.25, so this change probably won't get in until 2.26.

Just to be clear, this is IPTC/XMP embedded into a photo, not an XML file. I'm looking for the 

Creator's CI: Email@1, Email@2 (ref2017.1) field from the IPTC standard to be used to match with a system user's email address for setting the Photographer/Author field on the image asset once imported via a job.

I believe the raw XMP data has this in the Iptc4xmpCore:CiEmailWork field:


This field is displayed as "E-Mail(s):" in Photoshop's File Info dialog and as "Contact Emails:" in Photo Mechanic. 

And of course my original post on this thread was looking to just manually specify an author for each job. This would require making jobs for each photographer, which I'm still willing to do as it saves them time.

But ideally my last post would be what we want to happen so we can use, for example a generic sports job, and have the author get set automatically by the system.

Oh! In that case, that is not what this feature sets out to do. It is only looking to import data from an XML file not to read data from IPTC/XMP images.

I'll grab this other information to look into creating a new import mechanic that would handle importing raw photos.