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Notifier Feature Request Ideas

Allie Peters 3 weeks ago • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 2 weeks ago 2

1. Is there a way to trigger repeat notifications on the same asset? This is a fairly big deal, as breaking news stories are constantly updated as more details are available. The same story could be sent out 3 or 4 times.

2. Is there a way to define custom Facebook preview text? Currently, it seems Notifier grabs the story lede. Could, perhaps, the ‘Summary’ area on an article asset to define custom preview text? Of course, if no Summary text exists, it could default back to the story lede.

3. I’ve attached two images – one shows a Twitter post via Zapier/Buffer; one shows a Twitter post via Blox Notifier. You’ll notice some repetition with the lead text, as it’s also in the story link preview. Ideally, we would like tweets could be structured more like the Buffer version that is a photo post. That means: Structured as a photo post (<Raw Enclosure @URL> element) Text (<Title> <Raw Link>)


    Hi Allie!

    I'll go through each item step by step:

    1. Currently, you can re-notify a message by just posting an additional manual message. You can do this ahead of time (one post today, one post tomorrow) or when needed for breaking news. The automatic trigger will not re-trigger (which is good, because you wouldn't want that) - but if you create a new message for breaking news, it will re-post it.

    2. To define a custom Facebook message, you can type the message in the notifier message area. I believe that it will also use the Summary text as well.

    However, you may be talking about the summary that is in the news "card" area on Facebook, which is scraped from the page itself. See my docs here:


    3. What you're describing here is the "Twitter card" layout, which is specified on the page that is scraped by Twitter. For the example you have there, Butter is overriding the card type through their API.

    Usually, this is something we have by default as part of Flex templates. We have built-in logic that will specify a large photo in most circumstances. For some reason, this isn't showing on pantagraph. If you could submit a CRM ticket to see if there is something custom on this site or why the Twitter card logic isn't displaying for you.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

    Under review

    Why is "NOT" so hard for searches

    Mike Stickler 2 months ago • updated by David Dierker 2 weeks ago 4

    You know on any given day that I spend using blox (or nep for that matter) I run into at lease one instance where my life would be easier if I could specify "Not" for a search option.
    For example show me everything that's not wire... show me everything that's not sports... show me everything except breaking or developing. 

    I understand your UI design goal is to make it so easy a trained monkey can do it but how hard would it be to modify check boxes... 
    Empty (not selected)
    Click - Checked (selected)

    Click - Red X (search excludes this item)

    Under review

    Adding a date to social share images to indicate age of article

    Beth OMalley 3 weeks ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 2 weeks ago 2

    The Guardian is adding a year on their social share images, which is a genius idea.

    We've seen several articles that are years old get lots of traffic through social shares that don't indicate that the article is old. Generally, it's not an issue (one that comes up every summer is a guy who died about 4 years ago from a snake bite), but one that resurfaced was about a girl who reported an attempted kidnapping, and people were sharing it like it was new. To the point the PD had to post to Facebook about the issue (they were getting calls). 

    Here's why they're doing it: https://www.pressgazette.co.uk/guardian-fake-news-bid-timestamps-social-sharing/

    Here's how they're doing it (github): https://github.com/guardian/frontend/pull/21306

    I'm going to talk to internal developers about this, but it would be something I'd hope Town News could look at implementing as well. 

    Under review

    Reporting For Declined or Invalid Credit Card Subscriptions

    Mike Reichard 4 weeks ago • updated by Rich Griffin | Product Manager (Product Manager) 4 weeks ago 1

    Hi Folks,

    The problem that we are having, is that we must sift through many expired accounts to find accounts who have had their credit cards either decline of become invalid due to expiration dates. Right now, we must go through all the expired accounts, of which most are simply a renewal, to find these.  But this is eating up a lot of time each day and is one of the tasks that my entire staff loathe.  

    We need to be able to try to contact these folks from our end to be able to keep their subscription from just expiring or to get them restarted.  If we had a report that would generate any of these customers, we could contact them up to three days in advance of expire when their first renewal payment is attempted and comes through as Declined or Invalid.  This information is already getting listed in the account’s history, so it would seem that it could be something that could be reported. 




    Hi Mike,

    We do have a transaction report that can be sorted by recurring transactions which does include the expiration dates. Please call our Customer services representatives at 800-293-9576. and they will be able to help you out.


    The bottom bar was removed to maximize the work space. The preview options have been moved under the site selection in the top bar. In the upper right, select the site domain name and the selection screen should offer the preview options.



    Paul MacNeill 10 months ago • updated by zeloha 2 months ago 0

    Micropayments are increasingly seen as one component to offset a decline in ROP, at least in Canada. The Winnipeg Free Press, Canada’s second largest independent daily, has successfully pioneered a model. Readers pay .27 cents for the first story. As more stories are read the system works to make the client a full subscriber. We’ve given our news away too long chasing clicks that don’t translate into substantial revenue. This is not a panacea. But it is important. The Canadian industry will see a significant number of papers lock down their sites in the coming year. Micropayments will allow them to still maintain a social media presence while generating revenue. https://www.inma.org/blogs/conference/post.cfm/micropayments-bring-in-new-readers-activate-subscribers-for-winnipeg-free-press


    Google Analytics - Collection pageviews

    Andrew Link 3 months ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 2 months ago 1

    I've noticed over the last four days, our collection pageviews aren't accumulating like they have in the past in Google Analytics. Now in the collections traffic, the pageviews are close to the unique pageviews number. They aren't inflated anymore.

    Has anyone else noticed this with their pageviews? Has Google Analytics stopped recognizing the different pages in collection assets?

    Under review

    Ads block text

    dakota 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 2

    We've received many, many complaints that ads block out text in the phone app. We've contacted customer service but nothing was done. This is a real issue for our phone users.


    Adding collections to a story

    akduncan 3 months ago • updated by Thomas Martinez 3 months ago 2

    I'm just getting ready to launch, and am impatient. We have created several collections, but I can't get them to show up with stories. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


    Google Analytics-prove site ownership

    Sam 3 months ago • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 3 months ago 1

    Due to unresponsive former students, I need to be able establish site ownership in order to be able to regain administrator access to our Google Analytics information. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out how to go about uploading the required .txt file to the default URL or even add meta tags to be able to accomplish this. Any help would be appreciated.

    Maureen Reinert 3 months ago

    Do you have a Google site verification code? It's 40 characters long and made up of letters and numbers. If you have that, you can go to the Page customizations for the top level page on your site. Under the Meta Data section, there is a Google site verification field. That's where you enter that code. That will create the google-site-verification meta tag for you.


    Ability to customize email receipts for marketing.

    Mary Shepard 4 years ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 3 months ago 9
    Email receipts receive on average a 70.90% open rate compared to the 17.19% average of regular email marketing.
    It's important to remember that a customers trust is at it's highest right after they complete a transaction with a company.
    Email receipts are the easiest way into an inbox, yet they’re the most underutilized form of email marketing, especially when working with Town News.

    Having the ability to further communicate with our already engaged customers opens up opportunities to cross sell, upsell, offer discount codes on future transactions, promote social media accounts, set up a feedback loop to better understand the process/customer experience and offer logical next steps to customers who have completed a transaction, submitted content or posted a review.

    Today's companies want to reach and engage more customers with every contact and e-receipts are an easy way to do so.

    Under review

    Community Calendar

    Keri Franzoni 3 months ago • updated by Ian McPhee 3 months ago 2

    The default event time selection the the submission form is every one minute. Who starts or ends an event on the minute? Please changed the default list to every 30 minutes with the option to type in minutes.

    Under review

    Inline Content

    Robert Dundon 3 months ago • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 3 months ago 1

    Currently, Blox CMS has a way to include inline content with text and formatting or from related assets. That's great!

    However, I was wondering in the future if it would be possible to add custom inline types? Thanks!


    Webinar | Tourney fever is coming—score big with ultra-engaging college bracket contests

    Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 0

    Join us on January 17th @ 10:30 AM CST

    Sports fans nationwide are turning their attention to college hoops, and pick’em contests are a fun and engaging way to turn local sports fans into loyal repeat visitors. At our January customer webinar, Gary Stibolt, sales representative, and Doug Green, product manager at TownNews, will show off our all-new basketball pick’em contests for GamesPerform.

    Topics will include:

    • Creating bracket pick’em contests to satisfy your audience’s hunger for March college hoops.
    • Wowing advertisers with a variety of lucrative banner positions and contest sponsorship opportunities.
    • Managing your contests, creating leagues, and showcasing local basketball experts.
    • . . . and much more!

    Bonus: Webinar registrants will be invited to join the TownNews Bracket Challenge and compete for prizes and bragging rights against other TownNews clients!

    Ready to get started? Join us on January 17th at 10:30 AM CST.

    Want to take in the webinar on your own time? Register now and we’ll send you a link to the webinar recording once it’s ready.