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We are attempting to use the new promo designer block. When a reader abandons his/her unfinished AdOwl order, I would like to offer the reader a button to call us. Tech support says it isn't possible. Can that be right? Ideas?

We are attempting to use the new promo designer block. When a reader abandons his/her unfinished AdOwl order, I would like to offer the reader a button to call us. With an active click-to-call button. Tech support says it isn't possible. Can that be right? Ideas?


I'd like to sort Classified ads placed via AdOwl by category for a given date range.

pgibson 6 days ago 0

I'd like to sort Classified ads placed via AdOwl by category for a given date range. 

To do this. I need to be able to export a search result which includes both an AdOwl identifier and category information. I'm not finding a way to do this.

Category is not a filter setting for AdOwl Orders or Transactions searches.

I can export AdOwl Transactions, but the export does not include category information.

I do not appear to have the capability to export search results for AdOwl Orders.

AdOwl ads contain a unique External ID. but this does not appear to be searchable/indexed content in a Classifieds search: also. I am unable to export the results of a Classified search.

We would use this feature several times per year, perhaps monthly.  

This feature would be used by two people (Classifieds Manager, CEO), which constitutes 50% of our users.


Facebook Instant Articles

Paul MacNeill 3 years ago • updated by Advogado Criminal 2 weeks ago 5

Following up on Rob Weir's question, but with a Facebook focus. A Wordpress plug in was just announced making it easy for all publishers to access instant articles. Does TownNews have a plan to quickly match this?


Yes! We have already built the integration in fact. We haven't yet announced it because we'd like to have a customer go live with it to make sure it works properly and there are no issues. If anyone has a Facebook account that is approved for this, let me know, since it is still technically in beta on the Facebook side. =)




Are you #LocalMediaProud?

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To help spread the word about the critical work you're doing, we've created the #LocalMediaProud hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We'd love to see pics of your team, in the newsroom and on the job. Don't be shy, we know you're out there. :)

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Aaron Gillette

Marketing director



Webinar | What’s new at TownNews

Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 2 months ago • updated 1 month ago 2

Webinar recording now available.

What’s new at TownNews

Engage your audience and earn more revenue with these features and updates you may have missed. At our November customer webinar, Christine Masters, director of product management, and Susan Bell, product manager for BLOX OTT and the BLOX Now app, will highlight the recent advancements you need to know about.

Topics will include:

  • An overview of our revamped mobile reporting interface
  • New revenue opportunities in BLOX Business Directory
  • Improved home screen navigation for BLOX OTT
  • The latest BLOX CMS speed and security enhancements
  • . . . and much more!

Ready to get started? Watch it today.


ICYMI: Find the webinar recording and slide deck here.


Modify Public-facing "Create an Event" form for multiple but non-recurring events

mcgregora 2 months ago 0

Quite often the "Create an Event" tool that is hosted on our website for

the public to enter events into our calendar labels events as Spam.

This occurs especially when someone is trying to create an event that

occurs multiple times but doesn't exactly meet recurring event criteria -

like a theater show that is performed three days in a row, but at different

times of day; or a presentation that happens 2 times in one day.

Because they can't use the recurring events function they attempt to

create a separate event for each date and time, typically the first one

they enter works but the subsequent events are rejected as Spam.

As a result, we fairly regularly receive emails or calls from people who

are getting tripped up by this. The solution we are trying now is to

simply turn the Spam filter off. Time will tell if this solution is

worse than the problem.

My idea is to modify the public-facing "Create an Event" form.

The form currently has an "Occurs" selection field - with options for

Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly - to handle the recurring

events. When the recurring choices are selected the form adapts and

presents more fields to define the recurrence in the When section.

Could there be an occurs "Multiple" option that would then present

additional Date and Time fields? When "Multiple" is selected a secondary

selector field could appear asking "# of Additional Times" with options

for, say, 1-10. With that selection the form would then present the

extra Date and Time fields, for instance labeled Date #2, Time #2; Date

#3, Time #3; Date #4, Time #4; etc.


Default settings for 'Numbered Most Popular' block

George DuMontier 2 months ago 0

I see on the Number Most Popular block, that you can choose a metric. (i.e. Most Viewed, or Most Commented), but what if I leave that radio button unchecked?

Does anyone know if it defaults to one or the other? Or a combination of both?


Auto Slideshow

sbates 5 months ago • updated by Laura Beahm 4 months ago 3

We here at our paper would really like to see the auto slideshow functionality reinstated. This is a very nice feature and we actually have partnered with other paper and made a widget using this technology, it is not as effective without it. Hoping we can get some support on this topic.


Webinar: Launch your own turnkey pick’em contests with GamesPerform

Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 5 months ago • updated 4 months ago 2

Webinar recording now available.

Launch your own turnkey pick’em contests with GamesPerform

Just in time for football season, kick off ultra-engaging sports challenges—complete with scores, news, user-managed leagues, and expert picks. At our August customer webinar, Gary Stibolt, digital media solutions specialist, and Doug Green, product manager, introduced GamesPerform, a new standalone platform for sports pick’em contests.

Topics included:

  • Creating contests for pro, college, and high school teams with fanbases in your community

  • Generating revenue with lucrative ad spots and sponsorships

  • Using contests to grow your customer marketing database

  • . . . and more!

Ready to get started? Watch it now.


Free online puzzles?

Jason Braverman 5 months ago • updated by Maureen Reinert 5 months ago 1

Came across State Point Media that offers free content -- as well as crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Below the puzzles are "More Puzzles" and "News You Can Use" -- which is their form of sponsored content (and how they make money). Good thing is -- the user is on your page the entire time (unless they click a branded link in the story). 

My question is - does anyone use this service? Anyone have any other options for free puzzles? Do a lot of your readers play? 

Thanks for the insight. 



Paul MacNeill 6 months ago 0

Micropayments are increasingly seen as one component to offset a decline in ROP, at least in Canada. The Winnipeg Free Press, Canada’s second largest independent daily, has successfully pioneered a model. Readers pay .27 cents for the first story. As more stories are read the system works to make the client a full subscriber. We’ve given our news away too long chasing clicks that don’t translate into substantial revenue. This is not a panacea. But it is important. The Canadian industry will see a significant number of papers lock down their sites in the coming year. Micropayments will allow them to still maintain a social media presence while generating revenue. https://www.inma.org/blogs/conference/post.cfm/micropayments-bring-in-new-readers-activate-subscribers-for-winnipeg-free-press


Ability to customize email receipts for marketing.

Mary Shepard 3 years ago • updated 6 months ago 8
Email receipts receive on average a 70.90% open rate compared to the 17.19% average of regular email marketing.
It's important to remember that a customers trust is at it's highest right after they complete a transaction with a company.
Email receipts are the easiest way into an inbox, yet they’re the most underutilized form of email marketing, especially when working with Town News.

Having the ability to further communicate with our already engaged customers opens up opportunities to cross sell, upsell, offer discount codes on future transactions, promote social media accounts, set up a feedback loop to better understand the process/customer experience and offer logical next steps to customers who have completed a transaction, submitted content or posted a review.

Today's companies want to reach and engage more customers with every contact and e-receipts are an easy way to do so.


Guidance on Facebook API review

Elizabeth Stephens 7 months ago • updated by Rob Weir 7 months ago 4

We use Facebook comments, and we have received the request from Facebook to submit for approval. Has anyone started this process? Or is there any guidance available? It shows that we use user_friends, but I can't seem to find a way to show how this is actually used.


Save search result format

Erica Smith 3 years ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 months ago 3

In the editorial section of Blox or TCMS, I can add columns, shuffle them around and just generally set things up in a way that's efficient for me. (Sort by start date, for example, or mark which stories have a site tag or which stories are marked "do not publish.") The next time I log in, the page will be set up the same way. That's great.

But when I'm in an asset and want to add child or sibling assets, the search results don't have the same functionality — I can show or hide columns that are or aren't relevant, move columns around to find what I want, but the next time I go to add a child or sibling asset, I have to do to the same thing again. It's time-consuming and, well, annoying. Any chance of being able to save those search result formats on a user basis?


Webinar | How to create and execute a successful video strategy for local media

Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 8 months ago • updated 7 months ago 2

Webinar recording now available. From social media to over-the-top (OTT), everyone is talking about video. At our May customer webinar, Susan Bell, senior product manager of BLOX OTT, discussed this growing opportunity for local media and how to get started.

Topics include:

  • Expanding your audience with digital video.

  • Why you need a video strategy and how to start developing one.

  • How video can help you boost user engagement.

  • . . . and much more.

Watch it now.