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Feature request: "Read More" page break to put content in front/behind paywall

Brad Boner 4 days ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

Would like a feature where we can insert a sort of page break in-line into an article asset in Blox that would put everything before the break in front of the paywall, and everything after it behind the paywall. So for instance, we could insert a "Read More" page break after the first 3-4 paragraphs of a story, so readers would be able to view those 3-4 paragraphs for free, but when they click on "Read More" they would be prompted to log into their existing account (if they weren't already logged in), or sign up for a subscription.


Feature request: Notifications for editors

Dave Gould 2 months ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 3 weeks ago 4

Would it be possible to set up an automatic notification system where an editor receives some sort of notification/email when a reporter files a story and/or updates its status? 


While we don't have an integrated notification system, we do fire webhook events during assets save, and in the new few weeks will be adding support for triggering webhooks when an asset changes workflow process.

We have some customers who use tools like Zapier to consume the webhooks and trigger an email or similar. If you have access to a basic developer, the would also be able to create a system to listen to them.

Joe Hansen

Director of Solutions Support


Under review

Faster way to get a teaser image

Lindy Ritz 6 months ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 4 weeks ago 5

We use teaser images now SO often now - esp. with the new template - that it might be nice to have a shortcut button to apply an image you are using as a Child asset as the teaser, without having to do double the work. How possible would that be?


Feature Request: Choose photo presentation on document placement

Heather K. 1 month ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

It would be helpful in the Child Asset placement window to be able to choose the image presentation mode you need. This would be especially helpful for mugshots where the mugshot presentation mode hasn't been set in Blox (either intentionally or not).

It would save a lot of time to have the option to check a box/choose a presentation change for each photo in the Child Asset window while placing, instead of having to back out of placing the asset and then go open each mugshot individually and change its presentation. 

We also do have some editors who don't want their mugs to display with the mug presentation online. So those images don't need that setting online, but they do need that mugshot treatment on InDesign pages.


Add options for longform display

Brad Boner 3 months ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

When placing assets in-line in Longform displays — particularly image and video assets — it would be nice if the "Inline display options" could be a little more robust. Right now for horizontal photos, the "default" and "full" widths display at the same size. Ideally, the "default" width would display images & video assets at 945px wide, and the "full" width option would display them at 1,140px wide (the same width that images display when the images asset is set to "Showcase". 

It would also be cool to have an option to "tile" images side by side, for instance have 2, 3 or 4 images display all in a single horizontal row across the 1,140 display area, and have their individual captions display beneath each image.

These options would give us more robust display options for long-form articles.


Is there a plan to allow users to cancel a digital subscription in the user dashboard?

Joel Kight 7 months ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 7 months ago 2

Our staff has decreased dramatically in the past few years and managing manual transactions for digital subscriptions can eat up time. 
is there a plan to add an option to cancel a digital subscription in the user’s dashboard?


Lost preference to uncheck Do Not Publish by default

John Zavinski 7 months ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

What happened to the preference setting that allowed you to upload a batch of photos and have them automatically go live? The pref for newly created items vanished about a week ago. Now, if you upload a half-dozen photos, you have to go through a multiple-click process for each of them to uncheck Do Not Publish. The only alternative is, if they have a common name, to search and do a batch edit, also involving many steps.

you may not want a story to go live, but you can quickly check Do Not Publish before you start populating the story form fields or assigning it sections. Photos are more harmless to have live before the story. And often you're not uploading pix until just before the story goes live, anyway.

Separately, there also have been far more incidents lately where you can upload one or more images from within a story file but they don't link to that story. You have to search for assets individually to find and link -- another, frustrating step on deadline.


Keywords In Blox TCMS

Jim Sacco 7 months ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Joe Hansen (Product manager) 7 months ago 1

Having issues with reporters typing in keywords into BLOX TCMS. They can only use keywords already in and can't create their own. 
However, I can keyword whatever I want as an editor. Any ideas or help? Can i make a keyword list?



There is a user permission that controls who can create keywords. You can look at the group that reporters are in under the Users admin -> Settings panel. Open the group. If you look at permissions, you can add a new one under Editorial -> Assets -> Create Keyword Tags. They need to have that access in order to create new ones.

Otherwise they can only use pre-defined keywords (which can help control keyword spam and typos). The keywords list is maintained in Site Settings in the main blox menu. Then look for keywords. Reach out to our CS team if you need further help with this.


Joe Hansen

TownNews Senior Solutions Team Lead


Make pasted content plain text by default

Don Willis 9 months ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 8 months ago 4

I can't speak for other customers, but since 99% of our content is plain text, why not make it so that content pasted into a story asset is -- by default -- plain text?

Then, instead of having a "plain text" button, have a button to retain formatting. Reporters and editors often forget to use this button, which causes code to be hidden in copy until it's ready and on the page, where it can be dozens of characters. That would eliminate this issue.


Combining multiple pages disappeared

There's been a few subtle changes to BLOX Total CMS lately, the most noticeable change for me is the "Combine Multiple Pages" feature. IT only gives me the option to combine one page at a time. Anyone else have this issue?


Feature request: Add sibling or child assets from multiple search pages

Erica Smith 7 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 12 months ago 10

If a user searches for assets to be used as sibling or child assets and the desired assets are on multiple pages, there's no easy way to add them to the story. You have to add the assets you want from Page 1. Then open the search again, search for the assets you want, go to Page 2, add the assets you want from that page. Want more? Repeat that process for every page of search results.

This is time consuming (and annoying). To change it, I've submitted a feature request. Help me make it a reality.


Offering page reprints via Fotomoto

Andrea 1 year ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 1 year ago 1


We are moving from MyCapture to Fotomoto. 

In MyCapture, we had an album of page reprints (http://herald-dispatch.mycapture.com/mycapture/folder.asp?event=1877902&CategoryID=82823), and I am trying to figure out how to replicate that in Fotomoto. 

I'm interested in seeing what everyone else has come up with so far. Obviously, there's a photo gallery option. But I'm curious if anyone has figured out any other presentations. 



Hi Andrea!

If you are asking specifically about page reprints, we are in discussions with Fotomoto about this now. We need to test this and make sure the image size is appropriate, and if so, it will be available within e-Edition, or by uploading front page images.

If you are asking about a "photo store" option in BLOX, this is something you can do just by creating a special URL and showcasing photos that can be sold.

Here is an example:


That is done by creating several blocks showing images from the X section that have photo sales enabled.

I then used the "promo button" block to create a link to a search results page to see more of photos from that section. The ps=1 in the search query means to only show items with photo sales enabled.

You can also use other block layouts for this.


Short cuts

alex songe 1 year ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

Is there a way to do short cuts in Blox Total CMS and snippets tied to it in Indesign?

Under review

scrolling ticker for quick news flash reporting

Ricky 2 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 1 year ago 12

Give us a scrolling blox that we can do quick post of short term information without having to put together a complete story asset. This would solve the issue of posting just a quick short news flash that would require a user to click to view a short news brief.
Examples would be:
UN-planned road closings due to water main breaks, accidents, down trees.
School closings.
Breaking news stories with more detailed information to come.
Live sports updates (mostly local high schools).
Live weather updates for road closings.
Fugitive and/or jail breaks.

The Breaking News and Weather Alert blox use to have a scroll feature but it has since been removed and replaced with a story title scroll with limited character spaces.