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Stop auto-update of syndication story

Elizabeth Stephens 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 5 years ago 4

Question I'm hoping for a quick answer to. We have posted an AP story about the Nobel Prize winner in our town. We are working on our own reporting. We have an importer on for AP content that auto-updates stories. I'm wondering if there is a way to break the link to the syndication importer just on this story. We've shared it on social, and it's gaining traction. I'm hesitant to start over on a new file at this point since the url making the rounds is the AP version. Anyone dealt with this?

If we think of it we copy the AP asset to a new one in the beginning to avoid this issue. Then we can just update that unlinked article with our local reporting later.

I'd be curious to hear if there is a solution for the situation you are in.

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Under asset custom properties, there is a property called "redirect." You can use it to redirect the old copy to a new one, so it can keep the same URL but then be a different asset.

Just type in:


into an asset custom property, with the value being the new URL (with https) and it should redirect permanently.

redirect = https://example.com/news/article_sldjf1234239424h.html

I would only caution to use this technique very rarely because it is not a fully integrated feature (no custom property is!) and thus it is hard to troubleshoot.

This is good to know. Thanks, Christine!