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Erik Oeverndiek 2 years ago updated by Joe Hansen (Product manager) 2 years ago 4

Many publications now have a splash page from Instagram and I feel like this could be an easy addition in BLOX. We have interns run our Instagram and sometimes a post may be a story from a day or two before. If a reader uses the link in the Istagram bio, it takes them to our front page, however, the story may now be buried and readers may not take the time to find the related article.

What I would like is a splash page. When a reader uses the link it would take them to a BLOX page that just has the images from Instagram. These images would then act as a link to the corresponding story. This would be useful for all aging content and help to get more eyes on stories and less frustration.

I talked to TownNews and there's nothing available like this yet. Have any users built something like this or have any suggestions?

Under review

Are you thinking of a page like this:


TownNews Senior Solutions Team Lead

It appears to be what I'm looking for. If those images are their Instagram post images this is exactly what we would like to have. I assume we would have to upload an image and link to such a page when we post to Instagram. IS that what this is and how can my publication add such a page?

I looked at Telemundo's Instagram link and this is what I would like to add. If you could assist me in adding this, it would be great!


Erik, you just need to submit a ticket to customer service and indicate what you'd like to do.

The way that block for them works is that it's a block like any other, where you simply have assets displayed with the preview image. So it's just using the regular article and does require there be an image. 

If all of that work, just submit that ticket with the detail that you want to duplicate what was done for them and you should be good to go.

Joe Hansen

TownNews Senior Solutions Team Lead