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Webinar recording: What's new in BLOX Total CMS

anonymous 8 years ago updated by Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago 3

At our February webinar, Jon Winters (BLOX Total CMS product architect) discussed the latest improvements, updates and additions to BLOX Total CMS's Page Tracker tool.

Highlights include:

• Improved wireframe view now shows asset status and Live e-Edition segmenting.

• Updated gallery view displays more information and larger previews.

• New linear budget format looks cleaner and makes sharing asset budgeting information a breeze.

Bonus: Revamped installer makes updating the BLOX Total CMS InDesign plug-in easier than ever.

For more information, watch the recorded webinar today !

It would be great if the slide deck (Power Point) was included for download as well. A simple PDF would be great to share with my staff who doesn't have the time or desire to watch the actual recording.

Under review

Hi Kevin,

Great idea! I just added the slide deck for you, check it out here: http://ow.ly/YaQfw


Thanks Paige I apprecaite it.