Sounds like an interesting idea. Can you flesh out how you envision this feature working?

Just like Yelp, one can click the amount of "stars" it wants to give a restaurant. It can take place 2 ways: one application can allow the author to do it, like the New York Times. another application can be to allow users to do it almost like a poll application, and the data is aggregated as more readers vote.
Hi Steven,

We have the software capability to build a "like" button (just for BLOX though; this is separate from Facebook and could be presented much differently) that could be used in a similar way. Users would be able to "vote" on their favorite businesses, and we would be able to provide a count of how many likes a business got, and a block to show businesses by count, and so forth. (Much like this site!)

There are some schools of thought that a single increment button is more "positive" because you can only vote up the business... rather than providing a one-star rating which can be very negative.

What do you think? Could something like that be an option, or do you feel stars are required?