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Michael Becker 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 2

Many news sites these days are presenting the first couple paragraphs of a longer story, then fading out the rest of it and including a "read the rest" button. I presume this translates to an analytics event that says someone voluntarily engaged with your content, which is valuable information for advertisers.

Anybody else thing this would be a neat feature to include in Flex? Anyone out there using custom code or a third-party solution?

Any interest from TownNews in making this a toggle-able feature?

I've seen it as well and as a reader it annoys me. I'm already here, just let me read without an extra click. To me is could also be confusing to some readers.

I'd be curious to learn the reasons this exists and what benefit sites are seeing from it.

It tracks engagement rather than just a hollow pageview. The fact that the user has to actually opt to read the rest of the article tells the media outlet that it was engaging beyond the headline and lede and it tells advertisers something about how worthwhile it is to advertise on that site.