Save search result format

Erica Smith 3 years ago • updated by Kevin M. Cox 1 year ago 3

In the editorial section of Blox or TCMS, I can add columns, shuffle them around and just generally set things up in a way that's efficient for me. (Sort by start date, for example, or mark which stories have a site tag or which stories are marked "do not publish.") The next time I log in, the page will be set up the same way. That's great.

But when I'm in an asset and want to add child or sibling assets, the search results don't have the same functionality — I can show or hide columns that are or aren't relevant, move columns around to find what I want, but the next time I go to add a child or sibling asset, I have to do to the same thing again. It's time-consuming and, well, annoying. Any chance of being able to save those search result formats on a user basis?


Yes! This 100 times. I've been meaning to post about it as well.

For us the most important part would be having the "Slug" column stick without having to re-enable it every single time.

Bumping this one again as well.

Being able to have the Slug column show up in the search panel every single time would be a big time saver.

Bumping this as well because having to re-add the slug column in the search window every time I open it is crazy annoying.