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Feature request: Prevent duplication in Most Popular block

Elizabeth Stephens 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 6

We've noticed that since any changes to the headline or section affect the url, we often have duplicates in our Most Popular block. I'm requesting that they figure out a way to prevent stories with the same UUID from showing up. It's confusing to our readers who see multiple instances of UPDATE: Janna Basler, MU assistant director of Greek Life, back after video fallout.

Since we update the same article file in the first 24 hours, it happens pretty frequently on high-traffic stories.

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A big pet peeve of mine, too! And the UUID makes this pretty easy to fix. I've also inquired about changing the "most popular" block, and got a "we don't do it that way" response. Here's to changing that way.

Elizabeth, can you be specific as to which block is having the issue? We've actually fixed this issue in several of our Most Popular blocks - it could be that there is another that needs to be fixed, or perhaps you have an outdated block template.

Essentially what we do is to check each UUID and make sure it doesn't repeat - if it repeats we remove it. This means that you won't always have a consistent number of stories (instead of 10 it shows 8 because 2 are duplicates and therefore removed), but it is better than having duplicates.


We use the most popular block with bullets (instead of the numbered most popular). I also tried the numbered most popular and still got duplicates. I don't know why we wouldn't have an updated version of the block if the change was rolled out. What you're describing is exactly what we want.




FWIW: We have a 2-month-old Flex site and have this problem. Also, dropping from a top 5 list to a list of 4 because there was a duplication doesn't solve the problem.


While we're on the subject of most popular... Would love the ability to exclude sections...

Our Obits is outside the paywall and dominates the most popular block

I can specify a section (News for example) but then that leaves off features, sports, etc.

Note: I've edited the block to double the number of results not show obits which gives me results like "instead of ten it only shows 6 because 4 are obits."