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Export custom user fields

Maureen Reinert 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Nicholas.farnsworth1 3 months ago 2

Does anyone know how to export the custom fields that we are adding when our users register. I see the data on the Custom tab of the users' accounts, but when I export the users to a csv file the only fields that are exported are

screenname email account_type firstname lastname createtime authtime country address municipality region postcode phone gender birthday

There's nothing in the TN documentation about this. The documentation tells you how to add a custom field to the registration form, but it's not much good if we can't export that information.

Hi Maureen,

Where you able to figure this out?  We too would like better data exporting and ways to enrich our data.  
We currently use Airtable and Zaiper.  We are going to see if we can setup a webhook to update records this way.  Please let me know if you figure out a solution to your original question.