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Create a Digital Billing System! - Save me from the Grumpy Bookkeeper!

Bruce McKirdy 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 7 years ago 1

So, Blox CMS is awesome. Our site gets visited and content is easy to add. Our city loves the site. Our sales people have no problem selling the site. But THEN...

...its time for billing. When we do our billing for our OTHER products, we press a button and the invoices, affidavits and proof of performance pop out of the computer. Brilliant!

When we do billing for Blox CMS, it's a long and tired slog through the mud finding each individual ad, printing the report, looking for the next, printing a report... etc, then we capture a picture of each ad on screen and print it out individually as well. Then match them up.

Its tedious, its time consuming, it makes my bookkeeper grumpy!

I don't like having a grumpy bookkeeper.

If anyone has a suggestion, I'm listening. I'm willing to pay money for this.

If such a product does not exist, I would ask and implore for one to be invented. Again, I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount of money to solve the problem. Make it easy for us!

Thanks all!

Bruce McKirdy

Under review

Hi Bruce!

I'm not sure based on your post just which fields and data you need, but I can suggest a few things to see what helps.

Firstly, in Statistics -> Analytics -> Ad Manager there are a few different reports that show "ads by date" or "ads by position." These can be exported in a CSV format, and may help will billing integration.

In addition, there is the capability to attach an ad to a business (even if you don't own our Business Directory product) and produce reports specific to that business. These reports actually have the ad previewed on the report.

You can set up these reports to produce PDFs, HTML or even just emailed reports. You can also set up the emailed reports to send automatically every month to your online salesperson, or directly to the advertiser.

If you are looking for a "tear sheet" type functionality that will show ads on the actual page running live, that's not something we have currently. I don't think most publishers are producing this kind of "proof" for their online ads - I think they show impressions and clicks in a report.

Let me know if any of this helps! Thanks!