Question about ad geo targeting

Nick 7 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 7 years ago 2

An advertiser wants to serve an ad with geo targeting. They want certain zip codes. If we specify a zip code with no proximity will it ONLY serve ads in that zip code or do we have to put a proximity? I'm afraid if we are required to put a proximity we run the risk of serving ads in another zip code.

To tack onto this, does this work with Canadian postal codes?

Curious to hear the answer. I've always had it in my head that proximity is based off the center point of the zip code so I have done 5 or 10 miles by default.

That said, I've always tried to discourage advertisers from using the feature. Those who do never see the number of impressions they'd like.

It also doesn't feel like a very exact science. I've seen different IP-base geolocation services place me all over the map when testing.