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More fine-tuned controls on "Buy Now" buttons on photos

Graham R. Archer 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Thomas Martinez 1 week ago 5

Hey folks, I submitted an idea to Town News, and they said I should post it here to see if this development idea would help others, too. Anything else think this would be helpful?

The idea is basically to add a few new controls — either on the section level or on specific photo types — to allow editors to turn off the "buy now" button on all mugs, all crime stories, or other examples like that.

Town News asked me to answer these questions:

What problem(s) does this idea solve? Why do you need this idea implemented? Provide as many problems or use cases as possible.

A: There are dozens of photos used daily on our website that we do not want to sell. Many of these get automated tags that remove the "buy now" button (AP photos, for instance), and that's great. But still a large number of photos get manually tagged with #nosale to keep that button hidden. It would be very helpful to have more specific, targeted and automated ways to blacklist some photos from being sold. For instance, we NEVER want to sell a photo of a criminal who just committed some heinous crime. And a huge number of the mugs we run on our website are handouts that we can't sell, and even the ones that are ours are not any real source of revenue. My proposal would be that we have some ability to turn on/off the "Buy now" button for specific photo types (like all mugs) or sections (so you could turn off sales for all photos attached to stories categorized as crime, for example).

How often would you use this feature?

A: This would be used daily. The automated button removal would impact dozens of stories and several dozen photos each day.

How many people in your organization would use this feature?

A: All online editors would gain from this function, and reporters would no longer have to alert online staff to photos that got missed during the tedious and error-prone manual #nosale application process. Dozens of employees would be impacted.

Under review

So I'm seeing this as like a whitelist/blacklist type thing... like we have for the profanity filter? What are the properties we would like to add:

Byline contains ___

Caption contains ___

Keywords contain ___

Section is ___

Size maybe?

Has highres?

Then these would be added as DRM rules.

We were talking just last week about the ability to restrict photo purchasing for mugshots because of mugshots we get from law enforcement and the court system. So I'm all for something that auto-disables mugshots from being sold.

I also made a topic a few weeks ago asking for a broader definition of auto-disabled sales. For instance we typically say "Provided" when a photo is provided. It's something we've done for years. And that means people are going to be really slow to adopt a new way of tagging a photo to not be sold. Our editors try to remember #nosale but some inevitably get through without that keyword. For those times it would be nice to have another filter(such as anything with "provided" or whatever set text in the byline) to pick up the others.

Just tagging onto this old request instead of posting a new one.

I've got Ticket 770813 open as a feature request to allow the section an image is tagged with to factor in to the "Buy Now Logic" when evaluating "Automatic" photo sales.

Current list of "Buy Now Logic" is on this page: https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/integrations/photo_fulfillment/article_4c82c438-cbf1-11e8-8c80-a3f3718b998b.html

Agreeing with Nick, any image with a Presentation Mode of Mugshot should be excluded by the "Buy Now Logic." [Ticket 770843]

One thing that you can try that will work in the interim (until TownNews takes this on) is to create a section and compatible url for these photos. Then, go to the url customization for that specific url, and turn off photo sales. Any photo with that section tag won't show a buy button. You can test this at your organization, but I'm pretty sure that it will work.