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Reporting the number of obituaries published, by funeral home, within a date range. Can it be done?

Jay Allred 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters (Director of BLOX CMS) 6 years ago 2

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I am trying to generate a report of the obits published by funeral home within a certain date range. The purpose is to validate billing per obit for the funeral home. In other words, "We published ____ obits for ______ funeral home between ____ and ____, and here's a list of them."

All of our funeral homes are assigned as businesses within our business directory, and the business is attached to each obit asset when published. Example: http://www.richlandsource.com/obituaries/andy-scubby-scodova/article_baca4860-ad27-11e7-ba01-cbc8df811bd7.html

When viewing within Marketplace>Businesses, the individual articles are shown as child assets of the funeral home.

I tried to run a report out of analytics in BLOX.

Businesses>Related assets summary

It returned a "backend fetch failed"

How comfortable are you with creating new block types in the templates? I created a quick block that might generate the reports you want to hold you over until the "backend fetch failed" problem is resolved. You can see an example of it at the bottom of this page https://lancasteronline.com/test/httpsscripts/. I'd be glad to give you the code for that block and explain what I did if you want. 

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That's a great idea Maureen, thank you! Jay, if you need help implementing her test block, let me know. =)