Zoom feature on e-Edition

Barry Hoff 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Jason 4 years ago 1

In the new e-edition under FLEX there is no way to make the e-Edition pages larger or zoom in on just part of a page on a desktop computer (once you are in full screen). With the old e-edition readers could use a magnifying glass and zoom in on just the part of the page they wanted to read, making the type larger for those with poor eyesight.

To do that now readers would have to download the e-edition to their computers, find the download and open it in a pdf reader. That's a lot of work for an elderly reader who may know little more about computers than how to navigate a website. Although the reader who brought this to my attention did know how to use Control + to zoom in on webpages (something I didn't know) but sadly that doesn't work on the e-Edition newpaper page ( it only makes the navigation arrows and hamburger menu at the top larger).

I noticed this too when our site was in development. I believe I was told this issue was browser-specific. But I've tried zoom in/out on Chrome, IE and Firefox with each not responding. Zoom in/out would certainly be good to have.