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We finally had to shut down our 20 year old Weather closings system so now we have nothing.

I see this now marked as Under Review, but has there been any movement on this?
The newsroom is not looking forward to 24x7 monitoring of incoming closings requests to then update a static asset....which right now I believe is the current plan. 

Had to check since this is now 7 years old. 

We get a handful of live event spam submissions once in a while. We do not have the spam filter turned on and when we do, we get complaints that even simple events get flagged and not permitted to be entered.

Having the ability to just 'tag' a normal user as being auto-approved would be great.

We do have a very active event community and our event Upsells have been very well received. 

The Upsells offer a little extra exposure and folks have been very accepting of the concept. 

It's basically free money and no one has to touch anything as once the event is approved, the Upsell connected to it is also approved and the money is pulled in. Highly recommended if you are not already using it.

With the advent of Evvnt coming into play, not sure how that will work with what we have so far but hoping it's just a 'platform' switch and we can offer even more benefits on what is already in play for us.

That said, having known 'good actors' that are auto-approved would be VERY helpful and offer a little time saving.

One click to approve from an email is simple and even refreshing the Blox page of unapproved events to then approve in batches is simple and painless.

Great ideas on this. Hope it can be easily implemented. +10!!!!

Nope. That one did not have the dates either and the same date code commented out at the top.

Unless you think relevant to keep it here, we can take this offline.

Thanks! Greatly appreciate your assistance.


Hey Dave,

Love your custom export!! Thanks for that!!

Once thing I am not seeing is it pulling the actual date/dates unless that shows up as text in the body/description.

I see a date section commented out....why is that? Have you figured out how to get the main or closest upcoming date out of it?


Oh jeez. Too simple!! :)

Thanks for pointing out the (now) obvious giant in your face button that says EXPORT!!! 


We've never used the calendar export function but I have to ask a stupid question.... 

How do those exports 'fire' and where do the exported files show up??


We've had public calendars on our site for over 20 years and have always had great buy-in from the community.

And if someone emails to our main newsroom address with an event to post, we just email back the link to submit.

9 times out of 10 we get a new event posted within minutes.

When we rolled out UpSells a couple years ago, we got great response. We created several packages with several price points and outlined the details of all the places they would show and all the benefits of UpSells. 

However, with a recent corporate site template change, most of the locations for promotion of UpSells were taken away from us which reduced the overall visibility of UpSell we discontinued it altogether. Sad because it just ran on autopilot (auto-approve on upsells AFTER the calendar event was approved) and one point we were getting upwards of 4-5 new paid UpSells almost every day. 

That's all I have to offer. But everyone should be doing UpSells if you have an online calendar. Build blocks to showcase the events with eye-catching features. Show that block on the right-rail of every page on your site...and then another that sits at the top of the main Calendar page and Entertainment page if you have one. Then push a newsletter out and include only UpSell events. Once it takes hold, just sit back and rack in the cash!

We built a tool years ago that works well with just one account we never have to touch.

In a nutshell.....

We have all the IPs and ranges for each school and school systems in a MySQL table.

Users hit a PHP page we built on the /app/  server that inspects the incoming IP address.

If in the list, the page reloads, redirects and takes the user to our NIE static page with just links to eedition and our main site.

Once validated and redirected, the tool drops a cookie and the user is effectively logged in and are now behind the paywall.

Only time we have to touch it is if schools change IPs or a new group/school signs up.

Circ handles the 'subscriptions' and they update me of IP changes. 

A similar system is used to handle oddball situations where we want to let folks around the paywall.

This is used by libraries, gov entities, our own building network, etc.

In both cases, if users hit the /app/ page and are not on the list of approved IPs, they are redirected but with no cookie drop, they are not logged in and are behind the paywall. This prevents teachers and students from going home and attempting to use the same /app/  URL to attempt a validated login. The redirect happens but they are not logged in.

It could be portable or built right into everyone's /app/  server without much fuss but I doubt TN would ever take it on.

I've been waiting for a Weather Closings system for over 5 years now. Connected to the Business Directory, and User Dashboard and Calendar, it would be easy to do and incredibly powerful with tentacles hooked into many aspects of BLOX.

Status? Crickets....... 

The silence is deafening on this. We are going to have to kill off our old server that hosts our Weather Closings site and there is nothing to replace it. Now more that FOUR years since this discussion started and still nothing.

I gave the scenario below for the complete integration into TownNews and Marketplace businesses.

Shoot....sell it as its own tool for Blox sites with some method for importing data and I will write TownNews a check myself!

Can anyone from TownNews comment on this??