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Hi Elizabeth

As Patrick mentioned, in order for the hi-res image to be captured you'll need to set a hi-res threshold in application settings. If you run into any trouble please feel free to reach out to Customer Support at 800-293-9576.

Hi Nick

This is actually addressed in 1.27.0 - which should be released sometime in the next few weeks. Once it's released you can contact our training department and they can give you some additional information on what's changed with user accounts and groups.

Hi Maunette / Nick / Erica

Just wanted to give you guys an update on this.

As Christine mentioned above, this is an issue that folks are seeing on both Flex and Zen. Since nothing has changed on our end, this usually points to the vendor making a change of some sort. Our developers are currently looking at this and working with Facebook to try and determine if this is a bug on Facebook's end, or if this is a change that they've made which we now need to adapt to.

I'll make sure that this thread gets updated as more information becomes available. Apologies for the confusion.