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Thanks, Christine. Definitely interested in it being automatic. A couple other thoughts?

-- Could the field actually exist beneath the title field like in Kevin Cox's Wordpress example?
-- Would this feature mean that BLOX URLs will no longer change when the headline is changed (assuming you have the URL option enabled in BLOX).

This is going to be a great addition, Christine, thank you!

some things that move from Merlin to blox *can* be sold, yes. Mainly trying to target the AP photos that come in. 

Hi Patrick, yes, I believe so. But I'll need to find out the specifics from our IT folks. Wire photos populate in Merlin then selected ones are moved into BLOX via an 'export to blox' function in Merlin.

Thanks, Patrick. I think the idea is definitely a step in the right direction from a publisher standpoint. When the Saints cut their roster down in the offseason I have guys who need to update their story maybe 20 times in 15 minutes. Having the cache there necessitates the use of a tool like scribblelive. 

Bumping this idea. Another one we feel like would be a big advantage. We don't include titles in URLs right now b/c BLOX generates new URLs every time you change the headline. Even though BLOX smartly uses canonical URLs, we're told that's still not optimal for SEO. And it creates an analytics nightmare :(

Bumping this discussion. I've seen other CMS allow editors to bust cache on an individual asset level. Would be cool to have a feature like that in BLOX. Scribble Live just jumped in price for us, but we can't get rid of that service as long as article pages are cached like this.

I second this! Ashley Whitcher has the BEST ideas :)

Example of why it'd be cool to have a 'social share' image in BLOX ... we created this mosaic to go with a story so it'd fit nicely in our lead story spot on our homepage. But It comes out looking awful on Twitter cards and FB posts.

Yes! Just saw it a few days ago. We're definitely gonna give it a try. Thanks, Christine!