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No Marc, I don't want your software to be just like NEP. There are many things about tcms I like much better than NEP and in general searching is a big one... however in this one specific part of searching I feel you have an issue...
Yes there are work-a-rounds, yes you can tag yourself, but this is one of those things that makes me wish I could revisit the choice to go all one domain. I'm sure it doesn't seem cluncky in a domain with 5-10 pubs but with 40 people are stepping on each other.

Upvoting this.. We are almost through our go live with TCMS and one of the things I was looking forward to was having the final version of a story replacing the TEASER/preview/Breaking article in our blox sites... However this seems convoluted as hell unless you want every version you save after the teaser to have those saves reflected on the web...

Like some of the idea's i've seen here but my initial thought was if you save an asset that's already been saved to the web a popup comes up and say's "A previous version of this asset has been posted to the web, Overwrite with these updates" Y/N

That way the reporter can work on the story and make saves, the editor can edit the story and make save, and then whomever's job it is to send the final article to the web simply says YES... no need to remove site tags or mess with workflow.

I'm just an IT guy and not a paginator but our paginators already have issues with some photographers cropping images way to tightly. The photographer does not always know the size of the block pagination needs to fill. I could get behind this 100% if the crop was non destructive and there was a way to uncrop on the page 

I suggested the domain method ... but around here the entire school system (students, teachers, administrators) all have the same domain and management wasn't about to give access to every employee at one of the counties biggest employers free access.

Keep it coming he says...

Free services...
Well because it's free it doesn't ask for billing information like Name, address, phone number, etc

But if I am giving something away for free I might want that information in exchange for it. NP, right there on front tab of the service is "require delivery address"
OK check that ... boom subscription requires I fill it out... EXCELLENT! (insert Mr smithers)  
Notification shows up... no name no address no phone. Doh!
Hmmm... there's a check box on the subscription form that says (save info to profile) maybe that will work... No apparently this box will update the profile but only with entries in the billing info (you know the fields that are hidden because this is a free service) - So after looking at docs and searching I found where the delivery address does show up ... In View Subscription ... You know what doesn't show up anywhere I can find, the First and Last name from the delivery address... Doesn't go to the profile, doesn't go to view subscription, isn't put on the notification .... apparently if you want to know someone's name you have to charge them.

You can check with Filby on this one. I am experiencing occasional and inconsistent issues with rates. If for example the rate is $9.95, on a few occasions, on a few different domains, the rate will be saved as $9.949999994359 (per filby) or some odd amount off by a sliver of cent. If you try to edit the rate to expire it, it compares the rate it's displaying $9.95 to whats in the database $9.949999994359 determining they are different and errors, not allowing you to save the changes. I have found that if you don't open it, but simply select and remove it it usually will "expire" it without an error. Of course this isn't very helpful if you wanted to time this to occur at another time.

However if you plan to have that rate roll over to another rate... there's another set of issues.  1. You need to have new rate setup first (well duh). 2. You can't simply enter the new rate and save and close it. You actually have to exit out of community / subscriptions and go back in. Then the system will see it. 3. It complains when you enter a new rate with the same name as a currently active rate. 

So just expire it and then after the fact go in and say rate rolls over to the new rate... No Dice... Error because it sees the rates as different... 

So yeah there's a work around. Create the new rates with a new name, save them, close them, exit subscriptions, go back in, "Remove" the old rates having renewals roll over to the new rates with the new names and then if the person you are reporting to is OCD about such things, go in and rename the new rate and hope that it's not saved in the database to some fraction of a cent ....

Note i've seen this on somewhere between 10% and 20% of my rates that weren't whole numbers. Filby's suggestion "Round your prices up." Did I mention my OCD boss. 

Expect a rant about subscriptions services separately (looking through existing threads to see if my issues are covered) but the way account vs subscription is handled has to be one of my biggest issues... And while there are big issues that require rethinking workflows - There are a ton of little things
For Example;
A visitor who isn't logged in clicks on a Service Link to buy a subscription.The next thing they are looking at is a rather generic LOGIN screen asking in BIG letters for their USERNAME and PASSWORD... and the reaction is "I don't have a GD username and password, that's why I am trying to spend my money to get one." - My CSRs see it almost every day. Hell when we change something my Directors have the same blasted reaction.

So what LITTLE thing could CHANGE to make this better... Well you know what page sent you to the LOGIN PAGE... If it's someone signing up for service ... Change the order and the formatting of what you display. Present the "IF you haven't created a user account here before, click here!" In BIG LETTERS and FIRST... Then below that do a "If you are adding a subscription to an EXISTING account please provide your username and password (With a little less emphasis.)

Hey Rob, How about an update... I mean right now I have a service for inside gibson county and a service for outside gibson county but no way to veryify if the person signing up meets that criteria or not.

BTW we moved all of our special sections / magazines to issue several years ago. Between townnews' charges for storage and bandwidth and the fact that most of those clients preferred the format  it was a no brainer. 

A few years ago I put some effort into getting users to use the calendar and never could get the other employees out of their silos long enough to buy in.

For example - enhancing web banner advertising with calendar events. Advertising saw the ability for users to create their own events for free as a problem not an opportunity. Likewise our we run a weekly calendar of events as editorial content in the paper. However the people that compile that saw doing the online calendar as "additional work" and the didn't want people submitting events to use the online calendar instead of emailing them. Likewise the people emailing events in were doing a single mass email to multiple outlets (radio, city gov, chamber, etc) and didn't want to do something specific just for us.

Kevin has some great input. Be careful if you are approached with a very vague request, like "Can I license this for commercial use?" without any definition of the project or manner the it can be used. Doing so might end up with the company essentially reselling your work. Also you may want to specify whether the work must used as is or can it be used to create a derivative work.

While Kevin set a floor he won't generally go lower than, keep in mind the way image is going to be used and what impact that may have on your business. Allowing use of your images in some projects may actually drive traffic to your site. An example of this might be a locally produced history book and/or website that uses a few of your photos but includes links to your online photo archive where viewers may order prints. By requiring attribution and specifying the details to be included in the attribution (like links for online use) you may be able to their need into a money maker for you above and beyond any licensing fee.