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Disable e-Newsletter Confirmation Email

Sally Reynolds 2 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

When a reader signs up to receive our e-newsletters (https://lancasteronline.com/newsletters/), they get an automated confirmation email from Constant Contact that must be clicked before they are actually subscribed to the e-newsletter. While I understand that the purpose is to maintain list quality, the unintended consequence is that the confirmation email is a barrier to the reader. As such, it reduces e-newsletter sign ups. The confirmation email is an optional feature in the Constant Contact platform. However, it is not optional for our e-newsletters due to (I assume) a decision made between Town News and Constant Contact. This affects all Town News clients who use the Constant Contact e-newsletter integration. I would like to ask for a reconsideration of this requirement, such that it be turned off globally for all of us.


BLOXeption feature

Nick 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated 2 months ago 2

A Wordpress widget I use frequently allows the creation of block regions like the BLOX wireframes. You can actually use that widget to create a block region within a block region in which you then place the content blocks. It's a sort of block-ception(to use a portmanteau of block and the movie Inception).

I was trying to create a custom page earlier and I'd love to be able to do the same thing in BLOX I can with Wordpress. I'm calling it BLOXeption. Basically you could create wireframes within the standard BLOX wireframes. This would really open up the ability to customize pages immensely. You would just have to setting determine how each new wireframe collapsed as the screen width changes.


Looking for author and byline field for collections

Bob Rose 10 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated 2 months ago 9

We are setting up Google Data Studio dashboards for reporters and editors. However collection assets don't roll up under reporter totals because they don't have author/byline fields available.


Feature request: Add byline when batch editing assets

Alex Hayes 3 months ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 2 months ago 1

Batch upload/batch edit is especially useful when dealing with photos but I am disappointed it does not automatically add the byline when I select the user.


Auto-posting of weather warnings and advisories?

Casanova Nurse 5 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 2 months ago 7
I hope consideration can be given to the idea of displaying severe weather warnings, watches, and advisories automatically and prominently on a site's homepage.  Users of our website want immediate information on severe weather warnings, which we currently can't provide.  As one of your TV clients who switched to Blox from other CMS's, this glaring gap in breaking weather information has placed us at a huge disadvantage compared to previous CMS's and current competing websites.  Internal corporate IT folks have been trying to develop a system of severe weather postings manually, but it is not practical when dealing with warnings issued in rapid succession while juggling other severe-related live coverage needs on broadcast TV or web stream.
Under review

Scheduling Broadcast

Gillan Ludlow 3 years ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Aidian 2 months ago 5
Hi all,

Is there a way to schedule postings to Facebook and Twitter? Right now, our editor posts all stories back-to-back online, which results in sending out 4 or 5 tweets immediately. We don't want to turn off the automatic posting.

But the only solution I could come up with was scheduling the stories to go off at different times so postings to Facebook and Twitter would be evenly spaced.

Is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Webinar: Launch your own turnkey pick’em contests with GamesPerform

Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

Webinar recording now available.

Launch your own turnkey pick’em contests with GamesPerform

Just in time for football season, kick off ultra-engaging sports challenges—complete with scores, news, user-managed leagues, and expert picks. At our August customer webinar, Gary Stibolt, digital media solutions specialist, and Doug Green, product manager, introduced GamesPerform, a new standalone platform for sports pick’em contests.

Topics included:

  • Creating contests for pro, college, and high school teams with fanbases in your community

  • Generating revenue with lucrative ad spots and sponsorships

  • Using contests to grow your customer marketing database

  • . . . and more!

Ready to get started? Watch it now.


Parse.ly analytics?

Elizabeth Stephens 3 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated 3 months ago 8

Is anyone using Parse.ly as an additional analytics tool? We're getting a six-month trial, but I'm struggling to get the necessary code working on our site through TownNews support. I thought I'd see if anyone had added it I could take a look at how it was added.


Hi guys!

I am actually working on a more official integration with Parse.ly right now. 

- We will be able to handle the UUID issue with their repeated meta tags implementation (you pass it as parsely-post-id in their script options if you want to add it now). https://www.parse.ly/help/integration/metatags/

- We will also count anything that is considered a "virtual page view" in BLOX (such as galleries, vertical galleries, etc.) as dynamic page views in Parse.ly. 

- It should also have AMP and Facebook Instant Articles integration.

It will probably take 3 - 6 weeks to get through our production queue.

As a side note, when I spoke to them today, they are looking at the ?amp issue right now. That doesn't appear to be coming from BLOX so they are looking at that and will let us know if we can help.


Free online puzzles?

Jason Braverman 3 months ago • updated by Maureen Reinert 3 months ago 1

Came across State Point Media that offers free content -- as well as crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Below the puzzles are "More Puzzles" and "News You Can Use" -- which is their form of sponsored content (and how they make money). Good thing is -- the user is on your page the entire time (unless they click a branded link in the story). 

My question is - does anyone use this service? Anyone have any other options for free puzzles? Do a lot of your readers play? 

Thanks for the insight. 


What are people using for online merchandise sales?

Rob Weir 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Maureen Reinert 3 months ago 1

We have been slowly working through the process of getting approval at our university for online sales, and have gotten the ok to use our merchant portal to sell stuff other than subscriptions. (This isn't a TownNews issue, btw -- this is the issue we face for being a newspaper that operates as an agency of the university). So we're interested in setting up an online sales portal for merchandise. 

Absent building one ourselves, are there third parties that other TN newspapers are using for sales? This doesn't have to integrate with the site other than being able to access our credit card processor. Any suggestions are welcome.


An alternative to block quotes?

Bob Rose 3 months ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Aidian 3 months ago 1

We love the way the block quotes styling feature shows up to highlight pull quotes, whether inline or as content boxes dragged inline.

We were wondering if it would be possible to have another presentation for quoted material.

This might be when you have a series of quotes back-and-forth (maybe you are reporting on a phone conversation), or if you were quoting from a long passage.

These quotes would be the size of the rest of the body copy, but indented and italicized.  Ideally handled through the article editor.

Maybe there's a way to do this that I'm missing.


Anyway way to preview pinned assets in blocks that haven't been published yet?

jemoryparker 3 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

We're trying to transition to a more curated homepage with our editors manually pinning stories to blocks. The goal is to have the homepage feel like a bespoke document everyday.

I've setup multiple layout schedules for each day of the week so that editors can plan out what future layouts will look like but it's difficult for them because if they pin an article to a block that has not been published yet (but is scheduled to be published by the time the layout schedule is active) it will not display that asset in the layout editor. They have to select View Site > Preview at a specific time.

Is there anyway to preview the site at a specific time within the layout editor? Or a way to force the display unpublished pinned items in the layout editor? Or another strategy worth considering for putting together daily, bespoke editions of the homepage?


Video cover art

Ryan Dorgan 3 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

Would love to be able to feature short video clips/loops or even gif files as cover art to be used in the longform presentation. Would this be possible?


Better way to auto populate venues in BLOX calendar tool?

Kyle Whitfield 4 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Phil Pracht (Product Manager) 3 months ago 7

Giving the BLOX calendar tool a try on our website. Disappointed to see there's no good way to help auto-populate a venue from biz listings in an event asset outside from the 10-15 I'm told we could store in the venue library. What can we do to find a better workflow for this? We're talking about several hundred event listings per week in print pulling from thousands of biz listing entries.


Hey Kyle!

The Business Directory can be used as a "business hub" without using it on the front end. This way, you can associate Calendar events with venues, and businesses with banner ads, and so forth. Personally though, I would look into the Calendar upsell functionality - it's a great reason to get the full directory.

The venue library in Calendar is meant to be a "quick list" of your most commonly used businesses. You can have more than 10 - 15... there is not a physical limit it's just more that at some point it becomes unwieldy. It does put listings in alphabetical order and allows for type-ahead. But it isn't meant to be a database of listings.

But in general, I would use the Business Directory for most listings, and then the venue library for the ones you're using like every day to save you a few clicks. The venue library is useful for when you're entering things in manually.

Hope this helps!


Keyword Tag Links

Angela Mabe 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 3 months ago 1

Feature Request - Ability to edit the keyword tag links. Instead of clicking the keyword tag and having it go to a generic search page what if it could go to a link you tell it to. For instance you are running an article on garage sales, well why not have that key word link to the classifieds section for garage sales.