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Metered paywall messages

Thomas Martinez 3 months ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 3 months ago 1

Does anyone else see the value in having a sign-in or sign-up link in every message readers get through the metered paywall messaging -- instead of just the final message? We have had some readers tell us they would prefer that then realizing it at the final message. See attached art. This is simple rendering of what it would look like.


We Need A-B Tests For Headlines!

Lake Looker 5 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 3 months ago 2

This is a foolproof way that you guys could help publishers drive more traffic, almost immediately!

For an Article/Collection/Etc Asset Title, just give two (or more) boxes. If a publisher wants to A/B test the headline, they can fill in the second (or third, etc) box(es) with an alternate headline.

Alternate which of those is displayed to readers as they view the article on the site.

Let the publisher choose how many views the article needs in order for there to be a "winner" headline. Then by default pick the winning one.
PLEASE do this!!!

Under review


Christian Ramirez 3 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Benjamin Cameron 3 months ago 6
Can any of you share ideas or something you have already implemented internally to fight against AdBlockers? Check out what the Post is doing http://wicknet.com/1Rro5cA though this would require a paywall.

Using a form for community voting; restricting multiple submissions from same email

Sean Ignacio 3 months ago in BLOX CMS 0


We were recently selected to facilitate online voting through our site for a government appreciation program.

Requesting an option to disable multiple form submissions from the same email when set as a required field.

Thank you.


Feature Request: Add CSS and JS Options Per-Block Template

Robert Dundon 3 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

Currently, we can include JS and CSS for block templates in <style> and <script> tags, of course. And I know and have used the this.block.add_css() method before.

But, can we have an option those separate from the UTL, but still scoped within the block (sort of like Vue files). Here's an example screenshot:

..so anything in "Block JavaScript" would be in the page (inline or script), and the CSS within this.block.add_css()
Under review

Closings Application

Jason Schaefer 5 years ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Robert Dundon 3 months ago 31
Since business/schools/daycares/etc closings is a issue that all newspapers/media have to deal with it would be nice to have a built in way to have approved businesses input/update closings/delayed starts within BLOX.

Webinar | Drive your users to action with our all-new Promo Designer block

Cherry Wolf (Marketing specialist) 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated 3 months ago 1

Webinar recording now available

At our September customer webinar, Christine Masters, director of product management at TownNews.com, introduced the all-new Promo Designer block and showed how to entice users with promotional overlays, slide-ins, and other offer messages. Susan Bell, senior product manager, also showed off some of the new features of the recently redesigned BLOX Now App.

Topics included:

  • A variety of offers you can make including some not-so-obvious ideas.
  • Step-by-step how to create a promotional offer using the new Promo Designer in BLOX CMS.
  • How to use iQ Engage and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track or personalize offers.
  • . . . and more!

Watch it now.


REQUEST: Add broadcast to social media to mobile admin site

Andrea 3 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Christine Masters (Director of Product Management) 3 months ago 1

For the mobile admin site, what are the chances of adding the option to broadcast to social media?

If a reporter is filing from the field, they have to create and save the story, open the story, go to the link, copy the link, go to Facebook and post the link.

Adding the broadcast option would make the process much faster. 



Default images for article assets without photo

Jason Braverman 4 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

We are using the grid block a lot on our sites -- and using some automatic feeds that pull in content from the TownNews Content Exchange and other sources. Some of these articles do not have images associated with them. It would be great if there was an option to have a "default" image load - rather than just leaving it empty. Similar to when you post an article to Facebook without an image, your default Facebook image loads. This doesn't necessarily have to be specific to grid blocks - but any article blocks. Anyone else like this idea? 


Auto Slideshow

sbates 5 months ago • updated by Laura Beahm 4 months ago 3

We here at our paper would really like to see the auto slideshow functionality reinstated. This is a very nice feature and we actually have partnered with other paper and made a widget using this technology, it is not as effective without it. Hoping we can get some support on this topic.


Poll made in TCMS not showing up in CMS

Alex Hayes 4 months ago in BLOX Total CMS • updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 months ago 1

Our sports staff made a poll in TCMS but it is not showing up in CMS. There are section tags and it is marked complete.


Printing Comments

Kevin M. Cox 4 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

We just got a reader request to make it easier to print out the comments on an article.

I'll admit I never realized that when you go to print an article page, even just using the browser's print function, that comments are omitted.

The use case here are an elderly family member that doesn't use the internet but likes to read the comments on articles.

Any thoughts?


Signup blocking, import/export, CRUD api.

David Dierker 4 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

While the signup blocking panel is handy, it becomes a problem quickly when  you want to bulk load a list of domains, or even move a populated list from one BLOX site to another.

It would also be handy to be able to use repositories that contain full list of "toxic" email domains... Like:


* https://github.com/ivolo/disposable-email-domains

Over even to setup an import of domains from sites like stopforumspam.com.


Web API -- Get List of Users?

A. L. Flanagan 4 months ago in BLOX CMS 0

There are APIs to check if a user exists, get user data, update users, delete users, etc. -- but not one to retrieve a list of users. That would seem like an obvious query -- am I missing something?


<paid> field in RSS feed

Nick 9 months ago in BLOX CMS • updated by Laura 4 months ago 1

I'm trying to get certain stories to be outside our Whiz app paywall. It seems like the app determines what's behind or outside the paywall based on the <paid> tag.  <paid>1</paid> is behind the paywall and <paid>0</paid> is outside. Is there a way to manually change that for specific assets?

I could do it with section tags but I don't want it to link to a section tag that's only reason for existing is to stop the paywall. The reason for this is I want to be able to send push notifications linking to specific assets but I want them to be free if I push them. I could set up a "push" section tag but on the website I don't want the asset to be on the URL /push/article_658aae14-6597-51fd-aaea-43d1056cf9a9.html.