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Ask and ye shall receive. Nice to see this arrive in TCMS today in a simple no-reboot update.

I've opened a dedicated ticket for this request: 878438.

However this feature is not available in TotalCMS, which is the category this feature request was made under. Hoping it arrives soon...

Exactly Mike. Both of those two options you presented would work perfectly. The time-based one would make it even easier on our staff.

1Password can handle the new form, but I agree the extra step is annoying.

I'd be curious to know the technical reason for the change.

Yes, I've been meaning to report the "default to today's date" annoyance. I had a reporter complain last week. If nothing else those should default to empty.

A workaround I use for this is clicking the Print button. That'll open up the article in a separate window for reading and doesn't lock it in the database.