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As we approach the next election date here this idea is even more appealing. I'd love to be able to schedule a block to go online at 5 PM and automatically turn off at 2 AM for instance.

Very interesting idea. I can't think of how we'd use it right now though, can you give some examples?

At this point I'd be happy just to have infinity scrolling section fronts, e.g. /news, that would just add more and more story summaries as the reader scrolls down the page.

Here is the overview on Twitter cards for those who aren't familiar:

I like the ability to customize this further and am glad this is being worked on.

Of the options I'd probably lean towards this one and just roll the dice with the Twitter cropping:

- I could have all articles with images use "summary_large_image," and only articles with small images or mugshot presentation images use "summary." Articles with vertical images would rely on Twitter's photo cropping AI to fix it. Or, an editor could go into the article and create a new social preview that fixes the crop.

Looks like it just got announced: 

Do more on-the-go with the new streamlined and modern BLOX Go! mobile interface

Probably a few months until the updates make it into TotalCMS correct?

I wouldn't want all children dropped to the bottom, but it would be nice is the text could "wrap" around the items in the left rail and go full width below them.

Of course this one is getting my up-vote for referencing my request from three years ago...

I'd like the ability to easily customize all the flags which would help with many similar projects.