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So I was really excited this feature came to fruition in the latest release of TotalCMS.

  • New "reset start time" option for Workflows
    This addresses the situations where reporters start a story on TotalCMS in advance, and then three days later it is finished and published. Unless the reporter remembers to go back and change the start date, then it ends up the "publish date" is actually three days ago - when really that's when it was STARTED, but not when it was PUBLISHED. This new workflow option allows you to set the asset start date/time to the current time when the asset reaches that process stage. Please keep in mind that if you want an asset to start in the future, this option will affect those assets just as it will assets with a start date/time earlier than the current time.

Unfortunately we can't use it because as implemented it doesn't allow us to purposefully schedule articles in advance.

This was so close but then fell short. The behavior needs to only apply to assets with a Start Time in the past (not changing anything with a Start Time in the future). Exactly like I suggested here back on March 9, 2018:

• If the Start Date/Time is in the past it will automatically get changed to "Now" (but there obviously needs to be a way to override this for something that is purposefully back-dated).
• If the Start Date/Time is in the future, no changes to it will be made (because the assumption is this is content being scheduled for the future).

This does a great job of fixing the issue discussed here but then breaks other workflows.

And of course my original post on this thread was looking to just manually specify an author for each job. This would require making jobs for each photographer, which I'm still willing to do as it saves them time.

But ideally my last post would be what we want to happen so we can use, for example a generic sports job, and have the author get set automatically by the system.

Just to be clear, this is IPTC/XMP embedded into a photo, not an XML file. I'm looking for the 

Creator's CI: Email@1, Email@2 (ref2017.1) field from the IPTC standard to be used to match with a system user's email address for setting the Photographer/Author field on the image asset once imported via a job.

I believe the raw XMP data has this in the Iptc4xmpCore:CiEmailWork field:


This field is displayed as "E-Mail(s):" in Photoshop's File Info dialog and as "Contact Emails:" in Photo Mechanic. 

Still no dice, the Photographer/Author field is still not filled in with that option enabled on our old job.

I got excited when I saw this in the release notes for TCMS Appliance 2.23.0-9 that we installed today:

  • Auto generate byline/tagline from author information
    Byline and tagline will be automatically filled out if passed a specific user on my site (by supplying the matching email address) via a parser. When the user is a match, the byline and tagline should be automatically filled out. Currently this happens in the BLOX admin UI, but does not happen in parsers.
    For sites using a BLOX Job to export NITF files for third –party vendors, there will be additional tags in the output

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it accomplishes my request from this post. I tried with both the old Settings --> Jobs and the newly updated Editorial Settings --> Importers.

Any update here on a way to get this to work?

My publisher asked about this feature today, any time table yet for when it might be available?

There are actually a handful of things that suffer from the same bug. I've been trying to compile a list so I can submit a ticket about it.

In the meantime, if you edit the body copy (such as just inserting a space at the end of a paragraph) it'll force an update on the items that don't trigger one on their own.

What about using a "Domain" subscription? This way teachers can create their own accounts that will automatically get behind the paywall without y'all having to do a bunch of work to create them.