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Yes, I've been meaning to report the "default to today's date" annoyance. I had a reporter complain last week. If nothing else those should default to empty.

A workaround I use for this is clicking the Print button. That'll open up the article in a separate window for reading and doesn't lock it in the database.


The "reset start time" feature in workflow processes is being improved to deal with a specific edge case. If it is checked, then a comparison will be done between the set asset start time and the current timestamp. If the current stamp is LESS THAN the asset start time, then the asset start time will not be altered. If the current stamp is GREATER THAN the asset start time, then the asset start time should be set to the current stamp. (TNCMS-7064)

Now I've just gotta wait for it to trickle down to TotalCMS.

    No, I mean on the backend. How do you envision feeding the scroll?

    So how would it work? Is it a new type of asset? Or is it a block that only scrolls the headline from an Article asset and doesn't link through to the article page?

    Thanks for looking at the issue Bridget, this one has been requested for a long time.

    Personally, I just want to see some sort of automated method to periodically confirm that email addresses are still valid and active.

    I think that would be a nice solution to staff directories, leveraging the content (headshot/title/bio) already in the system.

    I hadn't noticed anything like that before, but just saw this in the link preview for a form URL: