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Great suggestion to have the zoom level stick between pages.

Sounds like a regular "Like" option will not be coming. I just heard this from support:

"It appears that the general like icon was rejected and we will not be moving forward with that."

Is anyone using this functionality successfully? We'd like to start sending these emails out each morning but are running into a couple problems:

1. The email always features what seems to be the very first page that was uploaded, and not A1. For us this ends up being an obit, classified or comic page. I don't see any ability to customize which page gets used and feels like it is a bug that A1 isn't used by default.

2. Is there still no way to brand this email more effectively and customize the look? Similar to the request in this post:

Bumping this again, any progress on this front Christine?

Ask and ye shall receive. Nice to see this arrive in TCMS today in a simple no-reboot update.

I've opened a dedicated ticket for this request: 878438.

However this feature is not available in TotalCMS, which is the category this feature request was made under. Hoping it arrives soon...