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Our staff directly page is still pretty plain:

We're planning to make all the staff names clickable with photos and bios sometime soon. (Some of them already are.)

We just recently revamped our newsletter signup page:

Sounds like the new BLOX Media Library might be exactly what you're looking for in regards to those e-mail newsletter specific images.

Right now we're using FTP access to the App directory on the site to upload static images like those.

I could see that being a useful option.

This definitely sounds like something we'd use. Right now we are just building HTML tables and anything that makes that easier on the newsroom would be welcome.

Bumping again "because having to re-add the slug column in the search window every time I open it is crazy annoying."

Bumping this again. It is October and we're about to have some late-night, tight-deadline baseball games. I'll be cursing the lack of this "middle ground" (show more than 25 items in a search result so I can attach them to a parent all at once) function every game.

Thanks, you've been most helpful.

The biggest batch I've run so far was just shy of 8,000 assets. It actually didn't take all that long to complete, but I've had to run every batch twice so far because it seems like a few dozen get missed in the first go.

Personally I'm also annoyed that doing so means we've now updated the Modification time on all those assets. If all the existing content had just defaulted to "Disabled" when they added the feature it would have worked better for us specifically.

We're good on issue #1 now thanks to mcgregora, but there are other feature requests plus a new question still in that ticket.

The new question is:

Is there a version of this* that can be applied to the newer Editorial Importer processing?

*  "disable_photo_sales" = "1" in Destination options of the Job

I'm also still looking for clarification about #2 which I elaborated on in my reply below.


1. How about just keeping the current price list displayed on the FAQ that way it is always available for reference by all customers?

2. This statement is exactly what I'm still trying to get clarification on: " you're probably not missing a lot by just enabling photo sales going forward."

What specifically does that mean? If we enable photo sales today ("going forward") what is the state for existing photos in the system? From what I've seen it'll be "Automatic" which means we can't enable photo sales until we have the ability to do the large batch edit in TCMS to disable it for our 70,425 photos there.

Now if the system was set so that any existing photos would default to "Disabled" and only photos uploaded after photo sales are enabled, this would solve our problem and combined with #3 below we could turn on the feature this week.

3. I wish that would have been communicated sooner. I asked about it in my ticket back in June plus have mentioned it multiple times in emails with our project manager on photo sales.

1. Wow, that works perfectly yet hasn't been provided to me in the three months since I added it to the ticket (that was opened in March) or mentioned in emails with our project manager. Town News really needs to do a better job around documenting items like that, especially in relation to job processing.

Thank you very much for sharing it. Can you dig up that ticket number for me so I can reference it?

2. Yep, I've been following that and it'll get the job done eventually, I'm not sure how long it would take with 121,408 images in our hosted site plus 70,425 in TCMS. Especially since you can't search on Photo Sales status.