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Those are some good thoughts. I could see the "..there are XX more comments.." working well.

However what about content that is not behind the paywall? For us that is about 50% of the things on our website. If we are allowing anyone to read the article then it makes sense they should be able to read the comments attached to it as well, just not be able to comment themselves without a subscription.

"I think a few years ago we (we = media industry) thought that making users post with their Facebook identities (i.e. real names, usually) would cause them to be more civil. But, that certainly didn't happen."

A little off-topic but I just wanted to chime in about this particular thought. We instituted a "Real Name Policy" back in 2015 and definitely found that it did make our commenters more civil. We spend much less time now responding to reported posts and dealing with trolls.

In our experience banning a user only prevents them from commenting, not from reading articles behind the paywall. We've had some readers go over a year without realizing they were "banned" simply because they don't comment frequently.

None on this specific request unfortunately.

Sounds like a bug, make sure to open a support ticket as well if you haven't already.

We haven't seen this problem, but I like the idea.

Bumping this back up since I have readers complaining about not being able to fix typos again this morning. Any progress Christine?

We basically need the ability to send the same breaking news email we always have (my first example above), built with the Email Reach blocks, but in an automated way.

These options work, but don't overcome the problems mentioned in my old thread which is why I still think it is a better solution:

What we really want is a way to not simply stop displaying a breaking article, but have that particular article no longer be flagged as breaking after a period of time.

I suggested dealing with this from the other side, auto-expiring the breaking flag after a set period of time, four years ago.