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1. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that way.

Use this article as the example:

You can see it is posted in /news/free/.

When you visit the display name at the top simply says "News" as we have set in the URL page properties.

However the footer on the article still only says "Posted in Free."

This would actually be the ideal solution to 1. Editing the section title should logically change the way that section title is displayed in other places, like the footer. Feature request?

2. OK, I’ll open a ticket on this one.
Looking forward to it.
Good to hear since we'll be adding TCMS soon.
Understood. But as you know I've got multiple support tickets that haven't received replies in months as well.

At least here there is some visibility to the issue...
Thanks for letting us know the results Nick, good to know for future reference.
Christine, thank you very much.

The linked document makes no mention of how to manually set the og_description for these section fronts. Maybe it can be updated to point out that using the URL Description will create the property to help users in the future?
Bumping this, we'd still love to make these changes.
We see it occasionally but it usually clears itself after a few minutes. I don't remember a reader ever complaining about it though.
I think this is a good thought. Maybe an option to:

1. Delay social broadcasting/posting by X minutes.
2. Queue social broadcasts and don't push more than X every X minutes.
3. Queue social broadcasts and only push them between the hours of X and X.

Something along those lines could be helpful for publications that post things online in batches and want to spread the information out over time on social media.