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I agree. The way Wordpress handles permalinks is great. Allowing you to see them and even edit them from within the post (asset) edit window.
Thanks Christine, any thoughts on adding the OG Description tag?
Hey Christine,

The problem we have in regards to revisions is that BLOX only allows us to see changes for the previous 10 edits. We have several users who are in the habit of saving after every little change. In these cases we can end up with 30+ edits to an article asset, and the last 10 all happened within a 5 minute span.

This means we can't see when a major change was made, because the only revision history we can view in BLOX are minor spelling corrections.

Let me know if I didn't explain that well enough.
Thanks Kyle. Unfortunately trying to get our staff to remember code like that isn't going to happen.

The problem to me is a UI consistency issue. The field is a mutli-line text field that allows a user to enter hard returns, but then doesn't display them on the front end how they look on the back end.

This is confusing to users since the Body Copy field below it does behave consistently. If the Byline field is only intended to be a single line the UI should be changed to be a single line just like the headline one above it.
Patrick, thanks, I agree messing up the sorting/view in the admin interface would not be good.

Hopefully y'all can offer the ability to sort this way. It would very helpful for us and I'm surprised no one else has requested it before.
Search for blocks with "Marketplace" in the name, if it is standard it should be tagged that way I'd assume.